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Profiles-reliable transition. Would you like to combine and adjust several floors or you are looking for a suitable finishing for your floor? In range of products of Parkettkaiser you will find a large number of refined and famous manufacturers of adjusting, finishing or transition profiles. Profiles will create a finished look of your room. Whether as an expansion joint for large rooms or as a precise finishing of your floor - with the appropriate profile you will find the ideal solution for your floor. With the right kind of a profile you can compensate differences in height of your floor, combine different floors with each other or professional and simply delimit different spaces. Whether tiles, laminate, parquet, fitted carpet or PVC- our profiles with great number of matching decors are the best choice for a harmonious look and clean solution of edges and corners. There are profiles for various application areas. They can be, for example, adjusting, finishing or transition profiles. The adjusting profiles are especially suitable for perfect height adjustment of different thresholds, whether height adjustment between carpet and tiles or between PVC and parquet - adjusting profile is an optimal solution with the best quality. Height differences will be compensated for to the millimeter. Our high-quality finishing profiles provide secure and stable solution for an accurate completion of your floor. With our transition profiles you can professional delimit different spaces or combine several floors with each other. Unsightly gaps and expansion joints are skillfully masked and help to create a finished picture of your room. Our profiles are easy to install, whether as a time saving self-adhesive version, or as a screwing on one, even as a hobby craftsman you will get a safe installation. There are almost no rules for profiles appearance. Various designs and materials provide a harmonious look for all kinds of floors. Whether stainless steel, silver, gold, aluminium or classical colour shades of wood - you will find the right design for any style. In our manufacturer portfolio you will find the most popular profile suppliers, such as Meister or Proline.