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DISANO Saphir - the step-silent temptation made of oak

If there is a tree in Germany that can be accorded special veneration, then it is certainly the oak. Heirlooms of mystical character, which stand gnarled and mysterious at the edge of the meadows and fields. The healers have always appreciated the healing power of the tree and even today, the oak is considered a special ambassador for nature and down-to-earthness. This modern painting of the plant skilfully brings nature conservation to the fore by repeatedly referring to it in works such as those by the artist Joseph Beuys: 7000 Oaks - Stadtverwaldung statt Stadtverwaltung.

The design of a room in oak wood flair is therefore always characterised by a natural character, even if, as in the case of the DISANO Saphir flooring series, it is a wood reproduction. A character that the floor designers of the manufacturer HARO© also appreciate.

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Design floor from the leading parquet manufacturer

Original wood has lived and breathed, which the DISANO saphire design floors from the brand manufacturer HARO© manage to reproduce deceptively realistically. The sustainable use of wood as a natural raw material promises the finest visual appearance on the basis of an all-plastic carrier plate with high functionality.

Germany's leading parquet manufacturer and flooring designer, HARO©, a medium-sized family business from Rosenheim, has been focusing on sustainability in dealing with the local flora and fauna since 1866 and also offers ecologically certified products on the market. The floors of the DISANO family are 100% free of softeners and harmful resources, yet remain extremely stable, warm to the feet and easy to clean.

The pleasant feel of DISANO sapphire floors is the result of a high-quality SilentSense surface with an authentic wood look. The material composition of the carrier plate not only ensures high elasticity, but is also waterproof and suitable for underfloor heating. A Top Connect installation connection also ensures that panels from this high-quality product range can be installed quickly and easily.

The oak and its richness of species

The oak, the wood of which has been reproduced to perfection in the designed DISANO sapphires, is synonymous with a species-rich genus Quercus from the beech family (Fagaceae). The different wood species within this plant family differ considerably in appearance and structure, with white oak, red oak and evergreen oak being the most common species. Well-known representatives of the white oak are the native English oak and the European sessile oak. Red oaks, on the other hand, come mainly from North America.

Rich in species, such as the genus oak, the wood reproductions present themselves in the grey shade of a country oak of purist style, in the dark brown and rustic of a French smoked oak or cream-coloured and structured using the example of the holm oak. Very adaptable in appearance, there are no limits to modern and creative interior design and the living ideas of their owners underline the oak wood flair with natural looks and beauty.