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Current Status - Corona:


  • Goods traffic Germany: high volume of goods, in part minimally delayed - goods deliveries generally reach all destinations within Germany on time. In some cases, delivery times may be extended by 3-4 days.
  • Goods traffic Europe: partly delayed - goods deliveries to/from Europe are only running at reduced volumes due to the worldwide container shortage. - Due to the partial introduction of border controls and the closure of many borders for passenger traffic ( goods traffic is NOT affected by the closures), there are occasional delays at the borders. The transit times have been extended in some cases.
  • Supplier situation flooring: Tense to a large extent. For all types of flooring there are isolated delivery bottlenecks and in some cases longer delivery times. The first vinyl floors are no longer available from the manufacturers until further notice. Individual parquet and laminate floors have extended delivery times of up to 6 weeks.
  • Warehouse/Shipping: uninterrupted - Merchandise and sample shipping in our warehouses is running uninterrupted.
  • Situation assessment and forecast: Despite the Corona virus, goods logistics are only running with minimal restrictions.
    Internationally, there are slight delays in goods logistics due to border controls and closures for passenger traffic.


The supply situation in the laminate sector will remain tight. Germany is the largest laminate producer in the world and global demand is currently enormous. All manufacturers are producing at maximum output. Please be sure to order in good time if you want to have the full choice of all floors.

There will be shortages of parquet flooring, although this depends very much on the individual manufacturer. Manufacturers with long supply chains from China, will be hit hard. Unfortunately, manufacturers with production in European (German) factories are also affected - although to a much lesser extent.

Vinyl flooring is most affected, as there is (almost) no vinyl production in Europe, and all manufacturers need preliminary products from Asia. We expect severe shortages in supply capabilities in this area. Manufacturers with supply chains from China will be extremely affected, and will have great difficulties in the availability of their vinyl flooring. Other manufacturers with supply chains from South Korea, Taiwan or Malaysia will have a better ability to deliver, as the goods and shipping traffic from these countries has been relatively normal in the past weeks compared to China, and containers have been arriving and arriving in Europe normally. Due to the shortage of containers and the associated freight cost increases in transcontinental traffic, one can firmly assume price increases in the near future.

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