Ewifoam vapour barrier, PE film 30

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Ewifoam Dampfbremse Aqua-Stopp Blue Tech 30
Ewifoam Dampfbremse Aqua-Stopp Blue Tech 30
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Ewifoam Aluminium joint sealing tape 50
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Manufacturer: Ewifoam Aqua-Stopp BlueTec 30 - reduced thickness HIGH TECH film. For use when laying floors on mineral subfloors. Length: 15 m Width: 2 m Thickness: 0.12 mm corresponds to: 30 m²

More Information
Ewifoam vapour barrier PE film 30

Have you decided on a high-quality parquet, laminate or vinyl floor with integrated carrier plate? You have chosen an insulating underlay without integrated vapour barrier for your new floor? Do you need a high-quality moisture protection for your mineral subfloor? In these cases the Ewifoam vapour check PE Foil 30 is a good choice: The high-tech foil from Ewifoam, only 0.12 mm thick, provides maximum benefit with minimum material usage! Compared to conventional Aqua-Stopp films, this transparent protective film saves you 40% material. The extra-thin vapour barrier can also be laid excellently in combination with underfloor heating systems. On screed and mineral floors in new buildings you should always provide moisture protection for safety reasons. Many insulation underlays have this integrated as an all-in-one solution. If you want to configure your insulation individually, or have decided on a finished click parquet, laminate or vinyl, the Ewifoam insulating film provides the urgently required protection against residual moisture in the subfloor. Mould or moisture damage has no chance with Ewifoam Aqua-Stopp BlueTec 30!

Ewifoam Aqua-Stopp BlueTec 30 - the environmentally friendly and resource-saving vapour barrier

With Ewifoam Aqua-Stopp BlueTec 30 you choose a particularly thin yet highly effective moisture protection. The transparent Aqua-Stopp film insulates your new floor covering safely and reliably against moisture penetrating from the substrate. On top of this, you choose the insulation underlay that optimally matches your living requirements. Is special sound or heat insulation important to you? Which floor unevenness do you possibly want to level out? For floor coverings with integrated insulation, you only need to provide additional moisture protection if necessary. Your attractive parquet, laminate or design flooring is thus reliably protected against moisture damage and mould growth in the long term. Thanks to the low material costs of this particularly thin film, you also protect resources and our environment.

Ewifoam Aqua-Stopp BlueTec 30 - extra thin for many applications

The Ewifoam PE film is 2 metres wide and 15 metres long and is supplied in handy rolls folded to 1 metre width. The 0.12 mm thick vapour barrier can be applied even where space is at a premium and provides excellent protection against rising damp. Excellent material savings and resource conservation are important criteria for this intelligent vapour barrier, which is compatible with a wide range of insulation underlays. In offices, living rooms, wet rooms, basements, new buildings or old buildings, the thin film gives you a secure feeling. The transparent and odourless vapour barrier is just as suitable for any vinyl floor with click connection and for design floors with backing board and click connection as it is for standard parquet and laminate floors with additional heat or sound insulation.

  • suitable for underfloor heating systems
  • environmentally friendly and resource-saving
  • extra thin
  • suitable for wet rooms
Brand Ewifoam
Manufacturer series name Aqua-Stop BlueTec
Product group Aqua-Stopp BlueTec
Underfloor heating Yes
Important information Nicht erforderlich bei Unterlagen mit integrierter Dampfbremse!
Height (mm) 0,12
Thickness (mm) 0,12
Width (mm) 2.000,00
Length (mm) 15.000,00
Quality A1 sorting
Floor type suitability Vinyl floor for clicking, Design floor for clicking, Laminate, Parquet, Cork flooring (if screed is younger than 25 years)
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Application / Suitability Parquet flooring, Laminate flooring, Vinyl flooring with carrier board, Vinyl flooring – solid vinyl with click connection, Design flooring – with carrier board and click connection, Design flooring – solid vinyl without click connection, Meister Nadora flooring, With integrated vapour barrier, For wet rooms suitable, Installation on underfloor heating, Mineral substrate