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Vinyl – the most Authentic Alternative. Vinyl is a very popular flooring which features by its versatile look, as well as numerous designs and high quality features. Vinyl is not only sturdy and scratch resistant but also easy to care and impervious to moisture. Therefore, vinyl can be laid in wet rooms. Against, e.g., laminate or tiles, vinyl is also extremely warm while touching and also has sound absorbing properties. While material composing you must take in account that Vinyl is not a natural product, but is made of plastic. This plastic is called polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Vinyl thanks to strict control is not harmful to health, as it was previously thought, but is subject of special standards. There are no limits in design if you use vinyl. Almost every shade and every pattern is possible, whether tile, wood block flooring, granite or natural stone look, imagination has no limits. Two-sided or four-sided bevels are possible here. Bevel is a joint which lays on two sides of plates. It creates a 3D look. Due to innovative printing and embossing technology, every pattern is printed on the surface of carrier plates, so pattern can be designed individually. It makes the vinyl flooring to best seller both in the private sector as well as in the commercial sector, vinyl flooring in spite of its comparatively low price is a product of high quality and elegance.

Vinyl can be laid by floating, as well as by gluing of its full surface. The adhesive vinyl is particularly suitable for wet rooms. In this case plates are glued over the full surface, for example with our Forbo eurocol 643 eurostar fibre vinyl adhesive with substrate. It must be ensured that the surface is free of bumps or dirt. In case of installation by floating, a lock-in underlay can be installed for optimum sound- and moisture protection. Vinyl is available in different compositions as vinyl made of solid material, or vinyl with a HDF- fibreboard. The vinyl made of solid material with 2-4 mm is usually glued to the entire surface, vinyl of 4-6 mm can be clicked by floating installation. Due to special click-in connection elements are fixed together and make installation easy even for not professional craftsmen. Very popular variant of such click-vinyl is a flooring with built-in HDF- fibreboard 9-12 mm thick. Thanks to fibreboard you have extra sound insulation and you do not need an additional underlay (in this case moisture protection is not taken into account). It should be noted, however, that the HDF material in the presence of moisture can swell and shouldn’t be used in wet rooms.

Design flooring is one more type of vinyl flooring. It combines all the positive properties of the popular vinyl flooring with the highest requirements on ecology and a healthy living environment. Developed for the most sensitive minds design flooring is PVC and plastic free. For the highest demands of our environmentally conscious customers. In addition, design flooring gives every room a very special touch, due to its strong real-wood character. In case of planned use of vinyl and design floorings it can be divided into different use classes. This classification relies to the quality of the surface (so-called wear layer). So for the private sector are recommended classes 21/22/23 and for commercial sector - 31/32/33.  The second number here means the intensity of use - "1" for low, "2" for medium and "3" for high usage.

In our manufacturer portfolio are the most popular vinyl and design flooring suppliers such as Kaindl, Haro, Wineo, Parador, Classen, Meister, Tarkett to find.
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