WOCA Wood Floor Soap Nature 1 l

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WOCA Wood Floor Soap Nature 1 l
WOCA Wood Floor Soap Nature 1 l

Wood floor soap nature 1 l piece in a package: 1 this corresponds to 1 liter

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WOCA Wood Floor Soap Nature 1 l

WOCA Wood Floor Soap Nature is perfect for the cleaning and care of natural wood floors, furniture, panels and worktops made of wood. The protective and caring effect of WOCA Wood Floor Soap is due to the natural vegetable fats from coconut and soy. In the recipe of this proven wood floor soap from WOCA, artificial fragrances and solvents are completely avoided. The regreasing properties of WOCA Wood Floor Soap clean and protect your wooden surfaces in one step. WOCA Wood Floor Soap Natural is ideal for all darker wood types, while for light wood types it is better to use WOCA Wood Floor Soap White.

How to clean wooden surfaces and floors with WOCA Wood Floor Soap

Shake the canister of WOCA Wood Floor So ap well each time before use. A mixture of about 125 ml wood floor soap and 5 litres of lukewarm water achieves excellent cleaning results. We recommend that you always work with two buckets. If, like the professionals, you use one bucket of water for the cleaning solution and only wring the dirty water out of the mop or rag in the other, you will succeed in professional floor care particularly quickly, easily and effectively. Wipe your wooden floors with a small amount of WOCA wood floor soap solution and let it soak into the surface for a short time. Heavily soiled areas may be worked on more vigorously with a cloth or mop. Then rinse your cleaner thoroughly in the bucket with the clear water. Now you can apply clean wood floor soap solution again and let it dry on the floor! This will create a protective maintenance layer that will protect your surfaces from dirt and moisture penetration until the next cleaning! Please do not use microfibre cloths when cleaning with WOCA wood floor soap! These would destroy the protective mechanism of the biologically recommended WOCA Natural Wood Floor Soap.

  • Biologically recommended
  • Re-greasing effect
  • Yield: 320-400 m²/litre
  • ideal for dark wood floors
  • Quantity: 1 litre
Brand WOCA
Cable management No
Quality A1 sorting
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