WOCA Wood Floor Soap Nature 2,5 l

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WOCA Wood Floor Soap Nature 2,5 l
WOCA Wood Floor Soap Nature 2,5 l

Wood floor soap nature 2.5 l piece in a package: 1 this corresponds to 2.5 liters

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WOCA Wood Floor Soap Nature 2,5 l

With the 2.5 litre canister of WOCA Wood Floor Soap Natural you acquire a high quality product for the regular cleaning and care of naturally oiled wooden floors, natural wooden furniture, wall panels and wooden worktops. The protective and caring formula based on coconut and soybean oil completely dispenses with artificial fragrances and solvents. Due to the regreasing properties of the wood floor soap, darker wooden surfaces and oiled wooden floors are effectively cared for. WOCA Wood Floor Soap Natural is particularly suitable for darker types of wood. Light-coloured or white-oiled wood surfaces are better cleaned with WOCA Wood Floor Soap White.

How to clean your wooden floors with WOCA Wood Floor Soap Natural

Shake the handy canister well before each use. A mixing ratio of about 125 ml of wood floor soap and 5 litres of lukewarm water is sufficient for normal soiling. Do you know the profit trick of the room cleaners? They always work with two buckets. If you keep the cleaning solution and the clear water separate, you can mop more effectively and hygienically. Apply a small amount of wood floor soap solution at a time and let it soak into the floor briefly. Feel free to scrub heavily soiled surfaces more vigorously. Then carefully wring out the soiled cloth or mop in clear water. Now mop again with wood floor soap solution and this time let it dry without re-mopping! This will give you an effective protective and maintenance layer! This will make your floors much more resistant to dirt and moisture until the next cleaning! Please do not use microfibre cloths for cleaning with wood floor soap! Due to their structure, these would immediately destroy the protective layer of the biologically recommended WOCA Wood Floor Soap.

  • Biologically recommended
  • Re-greasing effect
  • Yield: 320-400 m²/litre
  • ideal for darker wood floors, wooden furniture and surfaces
  • Quantity: 2.5 litres
Brand WOCA
Cable management No
Quality A1 sorting
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