WOCA intensive cleaner for cleaning of dirty wooden surfaces 1 l

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WOCA intensive cleaner for cleaning of dirty wooden surfaces 1 l
WOCA intensive cleaner for cleaning of dirty wooden surfaces 1 l

Intensive cleaner 1 l - For cleaning dirty wooden surfaces that are oiled, varnished, untreated, soaped or waxed

Piece in a package: 1 this corresponds to 1 liter

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WOCA intensive cleaner for cleaning dirty wooden surfaces 1 l - the pore-deep restoration of the original condition of wood!

The cleaning and care of wood products is dedicated to the good appearance of the natural product. Furthermore, regular treatment maintains valuable properties of the furnishing object. Both dust residues and other dirt and grime have a negative effect on wooden surfaces. The discoloration caused by black dust, known as the fogging effect, is similar to smoldering and can have a number of causes. Chemical residues, such as those caused by plasticizers or other low-volatile organic compounds, are mainly responsible for this discoloration. Furthermore, small sand crystals as well as fibre residues constantly cause abrasion on the wood, so that it always requires special care.

The specialist in this field, the brand WOCA®, has developed an intensive cleaner for the deep cleaning of wooden surfaces. It is particularly suitable for heavily soiled wood. In addition to a high yield, the versatile cleaning agent is suitable for oiled, waxed and varnished as well as untreated and soaped wood surfaces. The application of the alkaline liquid with a pH value of 10.5 should be adapted to the respective wood surface. For untreated and soaped surfaces as well as oiled wooden surfaces and parquet, a mixing ratio of 150 millilitres of Intensive Cleaner in 5 litres of warm water is recommended. After a short soaking time, the wood can be scrubbed and cleaned with a brush or machine. Heavy soiling that could not be dissolved in one process must be cleaned again. Since the surface protection has dissolved, especially on oiled and soaped surfaces, subsequent treatment and care with oil or wax is necessary accordingly.

Lacquered, glazed or matted furniture and floors should be treated with as little liquid as possible. The strong wringing out of the cleaning cloth is therefore advisable here. Furthermore, only 100 millilitres of intensive cleaner should be used in the mixture. In addition to low odour and environmental friendliness, the yield of WOCA® intensive cleaner is the decisive factor. The 1 litre disposable bottle can be used for cleaning 200 to 300 square metres of wood surface.

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