WOCA Oil Care Waterbased White 1 l

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WOCA Oil Care Waterbased White 1 l
WOCA Oil Care Waterbased White 1 l

Oil Care Waterbased White 1 l piece in package: 1 this corresponds to 1 liter

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WOCA Oil Care Waterbased White 1 l

This high-quality WOCA oil is indispensable for white oiled wooden floors! If you want to maintain the beauty of your parquet floor in the long term, you should clean and care for it regularly with the right products. At WOCA you will find all the care products that will professionally clean your white oiled or leached floor and permanently protect it against harmful environmental influences. After treatment with WOCA Care oil, the wood receives a silky matt finish that gives the wood colour and the natural grain of your floor and furniture a new shine.

WOCA Care Oil: Wood floor care with system

Those who are familiar with the coordinated care products in the WOCA Care Box know how to keep their white oiled wooden floor looking beautiful for a long time. The 1 litre canister of the water-based WOCA Care oil is the perfect finish after basic cleaning with WOCA wood floor soap or intensive cleaner. Even with consistent cleaning, an oiled wooden floor loses its brilliance and radiance over time. Sunlight and the stresses and strains of everyday living leave their mark. At some point it is high time for a treatment with the environmentally friendly and productive care oil. The effect will surprise you! The care oil is absorbed into the wood pores and forms a hard-wearing, water- and dirt-repellent surface.

More radiance and vibrancy for worn-out wooden floors!

Simply put the oil treatment regularly on the floor care agenda! Depending on the wear and tear, it is sufficient to refresh the floor from time to time, e.g. after spring cleaning. First clean the floor with WOCA intensive cleaner and allow the wood to dry completely for at least 8 hours. Now shake the canister with WOCA Maintenance Oil White for white and light-coloured floors vigorously. Apply a thin layer with a white WOCA polishing pad or a cotton cloth and carefully polish in the oil. On large surfaces, a polishing machine makes the work easier! Once the oil has been evenly distributed and polished in, your wooden floor should be allowed to dry for at least 6 - 12 hours before you carefully use it again. After the oil treatment you should damp mop for the first time after 3 - 5 days at the earliest.

  • pH: 7,5-8,5
  • Yield: 30-40 m²/litre
  • Quantity 1 litre
Brand WOCA
Cable management No
Quality A1 sorting
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