WOCA Maintenance Oil Extra White 1 l

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WOCA Maintenance Oil Extra White 1 l
WOCA Maintenance Oil Extra White 1 l

Maintenance oil extra white 1 l piece in package: 1 this corresponds to 1 liter

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Aesthetic improvements can be made in a natural way with the oilTo
prevent parquet care from getting out of hand, get WOCA Maintenance Oil Extra White 1 l by your side. The special concentrate will revitalise the floorboards and deliberately bring out the grain structure. As a result, the floor surface will have a stunning appearance. When you use the maintenance oil, you will only do good to your wooden floor. Thanks to the impregnation, the profiles will be able to withstand even more in the future. The special film makes the floor more robust and resistant. The liquid can be applied over a large area using polishing pads or a polishing machine.
Guaranteed to retain its valueWhoever
decides on a noble real wood floor wants to enjoy the piece of jewellery for a very long time. Even stairs, panels or furniture are open to the fresh cell treatment. The oil penetrates gently into the interior and thus builds up a professional protective film. After treatment, the wooden surfaces become more hard-wearing, dirt- and water-repellent. In the same breath, the natural colour of the wood is enhanced. Before starting work, make sure that there is sufficient ventilation. Although the oil absorbs only a faint odour, the manufacturer explicitly points this out. By opening windows and doors, you are already following the instructions. It is also important that the floor is completely dry and free of dirt and grease before applying the oil. Shake the canister thoroughly before use and you are ready to spread the maintenance oil with a short-haired painter's roller. After a 10-minute reaction time, polish the material until an even surface appears. Remove excess oil afterwards and finally give the ensemble enough time to dry completely. It is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions
  • Suitable for refreshing and maintaining all oil-treated wooden surfaces and oil-treated wooden floors
  • It is a high-yield oil, which is sufficient for approx. 30 to 40 m²
  • The container size is indicated with 1 L
  • Increases the wear resistance and gives the wooden floor a particularly beautiful appearance
  • Room and floor temperature should be between 15 and 35 °C
Brand WOCA
Cable management No
Quality A1 sorting
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