WOCA Maintenance Oil Nature 2,5 l

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WOCA Maintenance Oil Nature 2,5 l
WOCA Maintenance Oil Nature 2,5 l

Maintenance oil nature 2.5 l piece in a package: 1 this corresponds to 2.5 liters

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WOCA Maintenance Oil Natural 2,5 l

The 2.5 litre canister of the non-pigmented WOCA Maintenance Oil is sufficient for a single application on just under 120 square metres of floor surface. With the high-quality maintenance oil from the Danish manufacturer WOCA, you can regularly freshen up your naturally oiled wooden floors. If your naturally oiled floor loses its brilliance and radiance, the liquid, colourless maintenance oil works wonders when applied correctly! The maintenance oil intensifies the natural inherent colour of the wood and brings out the wood grain in its original beauty. The oil treatment acts as a protective shield against dirt and water. WOCA Natural Maintenance Oil is ideal for the treatment of naturally oiled woods, which have an effect due to their natural colour. For other types of parquet, WOCA Maintenance Oil in white, extra white, black, brown or grey may be more suitable. We recommend testing the effect on a small sample area in advance.

How to care for your floor with WOCA Natural Maintenance Oil

Before you start with the oil treatment, you should clean the wooden floor thoroughly with a mixture of 125 ml Intensive Cleaner and 5 litres of water. Your floor should then be allowed to dry completely for at least 8 hours. Shake the maintenance oil well before opening it. Make sure that your rooms are adequately ventilated during the care process! Pads, paint rollers, cotton cloths and, of course, professional polishing machines for larger areas are suitable for even application. Make sure that you work WOCA Natural Maintenance Oil completely into the wood surface. No oil residue should remain on the surface. If the floor has been machine polished by a professional, the room can be used again with caution after about 4 hours. In the case of floors polished by hand, you should wait at least 24 hours to be on the safe side, in order to prevent dirt and water from penetrating the wooden floor during the hardening process. You should protect urgently needed treads with corrugated cardboard (the corrugations must face downwards). Do not forget to clean your used tools promptly and carefully with a suitable oil thinner.

  • Quantity: 2.5 litres
  • Living biologically recommended
  • Easy manual or machine application
  • Yield: 30-40 m²/litre
Brand WOCA
Cable management No
Quality A1 sorting
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