WOCA Vileda Twistmop Swep Mop Rot 1 piece

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WOCA Vileda Twistmop Swep Mop Rot 1 piece
WOCA Vileda Twistmop Swep Mop Rot 1 piece WOCA Vileda Twistmop Swep Mop Rot 1 piece WOCA Vileda Twistmop Swep Mop Rot 1 piece
Vileda Twistmop Swep Mop Red 1 pc Piece in a package: 1 pc
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WOCA Vileda Twistmop Swep Mop Red 1 pc - easy handling resulting in hygienic floor cleaning!

The company VILEDA® from Weinheim in the northwest of Baden-Württemberg is a market leader for cleaning tools MADE IN GERMANY. The technology company has designed its product range for the care of floors or material surfaces in the kitchen, bathroom or other interior. In addition to brooms and sweeping sets, pot cleaners, cloths as well as window cleaning and laundry care belong to the innovative work services of this company. High-quality merchandise is therefore the trademark of the technology group and is also evident in the present VILEDA TWISTMOP from the house of WOCA®

The professional floor cleaner SWEPMOP consists of a rotating telescopic rod, which has two handles and a closed end piece. At the other end of the handle is the actual mop, a mop with long round fibres. These are made of 100 percent cotton and are accordingly soft and gentle on the floor surface. Scratches are basically avoided and even deep-seated dirt is loosened very well. After cleaning, the cotton cloth can also be washed clean in the washing machine at 60 °C. No additional rinsing is required for the cleaning itself. No additional wringing mechanism is required for the cleaning itself. At most, a bucket is used to weed out possible residual dirt. The wiping device itself is easy to handle, as the handle parts are simply twisted against each other for wringing out. The innovative system has accordingly revolutionised the working process itself

The VILEDA TWISTMOP by WOCA® is suitable for the everyday care of natural or oiled parquet and solid wood floors. However, the SWEPMOP can clean any other floor surface that is hard and firm enough. This includes laminate as well as marble or other stone floors. In addition to wall mounting and space-saving storage options, the effectiveness of the cleaning device should be a priority. The tool even reaches inaccessible places under the sofa or in the corner. Even around table legs or furniture stands, the SWEPMOP reaches every spot and works hygienically clean. This makes every interior shine and maintains the floor gently and reliably.

Brand WOCA
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