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MEISTER cork floor

With MEISTER cork flooring you are buying a floor covering that stands for cosiness, comfort and warmth like no other. It creates a pleasant atmosphere in every room. Cork flooring is easy to install, hard-wearing and easy to maintain.

MEISTER Cork, the natural floor covering

Cork flooring from Meister is pure nature. Cork is obtained from the renewable bark of the cork oak. The use of the material does not mean that trees have to be cut down. If the peeling of the bark is done with the necessary care, the bark will keep forming again and again. This makes cork a perfect raw material for natural floor coverings. Sustainable production and the conservation of natural resources is an important part of the corporate philosophy at floor covering manufacturer MEISTER. All floors produced by MEISTER bear the "Blue Angel" environmental certificate, one of the most demanding environmental labels. Not only the finished product is tested for environmental compatibility, the entire life cycle from the extraction of raw materials to recycling after use is considered before certification with the "Blue Angel".

MEISTER Cork, the attractive, healthy floor covering

MEISTER cork flooring impresses with its high elasticity and the pleasant warmth of the material. It's fun to run barefoot! In combination with impact sound insulation, MEISTER cork flooring has a positive influence on room acoustics and brings cosiness to all rooms. Cork flooring is suitable for use on underfloor heating systems. Especially families with children benefit from the healthy properties of the material. However, MEISTER cork flooring can not only be used for children's rooms. It is the perfect flooring for living rooms, bedrooms, corridors as well as for offices and normally used business premises. The well-known floor covering manufacturer MEISTER presents cork flooring in a wide range of modern structures and decors.

MEISTER Cork, the robust floor covering with guarantee

The stability of MEISTER's cork flooring results from the HDF (high density fiberboard) middle layer. Due to the HDF middle layer, MEISTER cork flooring is significantly more stable than conventional cork flooring. It consists of a 2.5 millimetre thick wear layer, the HDF middle layer and additional stabilisation on the underside. MEISTER cork flooring impresses with its long durability. When you buy MEISTER cork flooring you receive a 10 year guarantee.

MEISTER cork flooring can be laid in no time at all!

MEISTER cork flooring can be laid in a short time thanks to the patented MasterclicPlus click system. You do not need glue. Additional sealing after laying is not necessary. The cork surface is already sealed with acrylic varnish or naturally oiled at the company. MEISTER cork flooring is characterised by high abrasion resistance.

The MEISTER cork floor collections

Cork flooring is available in specialist shops, in the MEISTER Puro and Classic collections.

  • MEISTER Puro
    With the Puro cork floor you buy living comfort in a class of its own. Cork flooring Puro, that is pure nature, elasticity that pampers the feet and high sound insulation
  • Collection Classic
    Cork from the Classic collection is extremely easy to care for due to its lacquered surface. It is offered in six different decors as a practical large format tile and is easy to lay.