Material calculator

Material calculator

In case of floating installation and complete adhesion we have to do with waste factor. It is recommended to include this waste in your calculation of material requirements. The waste factor is determined depending on number of corners and niches in the installation space and according to number and length of the planks of your floor covering. It is recommended to calculate waste generously. Too tight calculation of the needed square meters could lead to the shortage of the material and you will need to re-order it. And with leftover planks you can replace the damaged ones. We recommend you to make calculations with about 10% waste factor.

Before the calculation of the waste factor you should calculate the base area. Measure the installation space as precisely as possible. In case of multangular spaces we recommend you to calculate with 10% waste. In case of more accurate measuring and less winding spaces you can calculate with at least 5% waste.

Example: base area / room size 49 m² x 1,05 (waste factor 5%) = 51,45 m²

Waste calculation

Area:   m2 Waste: %  Result:   m2

Material requirements - sound insulation and vapour barrier

By sound insulation and vapor barrier waste is hardly noticeable because they can be cut out individually.

It applies: basic surface of the installation area, m² = required quantity of material m²

Example: room size 49 m² = 49 m² impact sound insulation


Required quantity of adhesive for full surface bonding
Bedarfsrechner Kleber

For the full-surface bonding of the surface is recommended to determine the bonded area and calculate with 1.20 kg of adhesive per square meter.

It applies: the basic surface of the bonded area m² x 1,20 kg adhesive

Example: room size 49 m² x 1,20 kg = 58,80 kg adhesive

Calculate the required quantity of adhesive<

Area:   m2 Result:   kg

Material needs - skirting boards with waste factor
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Skirting board is the perfect finish for every floor. Skirting boards in many designs put the special touches to your room. Skirting boards cover  joints  between floor and wall and protect your wall from dirt, moisture and bumps. To determine the exact needs of  skirting boards you have to measure the wall edges of your room. The doorways can be excluded. Please also note the corners and niches. Skirting boards are given in running meters (rm). Calculate skirting boards with 10% waste factor.

It is: circumference of the room, measurements in rm - doorways + 10% waste factor

Example:  (4 walls x 10 m) - (2 doors x 0.80 m door width) + 10 % waste = ((4 x 10) - (2 x 1,10)) x 1,10 = 42,24 rm

Calculation of waste factor for skirting board

Room size:   m Number fo doors:   pcs Waste:   % Result:   lfm