Vinyl floor in dark grey

Dark grey vinyl floor for decorative accents

The dark grey vinyl floor represents a real added value for every living ambience. People who like style and trend can combine this floor wonderfully with the currently trendy Skandi furniture. These come in light natural woods or in a simple and plain design. However, since the floor also provides a neutral background, all kinds of furniture will match this floor

It does not matter whether it is a reading chair, bed, rocking chair, chests of drawers or the like. If the furniture has light-coloured feet or legs, they stand out particularly effectively from the grey floor. This is pure ambience and many aesthetes do it like the experts and focus on these contrasts

These contrasts come across as noble and graceful, although it does not necessarily have to be the Skandi style. For example, the country house style with white elements is also popular. The enormously modern style, Art Nouveau and many other represented styles. Perhaps you would also like to find inspiration in a furniture catalogue or directly on the Internet.

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  • Dark grey vinyl floor sets accents
    • Vinyl floor
    • Dark grey decor
    • Noise-reducing
    Live and live more beautifully

    Living in an individually furnished apartment is more than just a living experience. It offers the possibility to fully unfold and to enjoy exactly those colours and elements that have been preferably purchased. The dark grey vinyl floor not only completes this living feeling, it even represents an important basic shade

    Because once the floor has been laid, the rest is child's play and even hobby craftsmen can get started with their project. More and more women are laying their own floors and discovering how much fun this activity can be

    In many DIY stores there are now special courses for women, but men or women are also welcome to download the instructions from the online shop and lay the floor step by step. This variant provides a lot of independence and flexibility. After laying the floor, we then proceed to decorate as desired. With this beautiful new floor, various furniture and pictures will immediately shine in a new light.