Everything you need to know about parquet flooring & laminate flooring

Dr. Parkett hilft

Dr. Parquet helps

Problems with your parquet / laminate ? Parquet Dr. will be happy to help you.

Was ist Parkett?

What is parquet?

Parquet is a floor paneling, which was used since the 16th century - especially in the upper middle classes.

Wie verlege ich Parkett?

How to lay parquet?

Instructions - the correct installation of parquet flooring and what else you should know.

Parkettboden verkleben

Gluing parquet floor

Instructions - the correct way to glue the parquet floor and what else you should know.

Parkettboden Blauer Engel

Parquet flooring Blue Angel

This seal of approval thus evaluates wood primarily on the basis of emission, which emphasizes the environmental impact in terms of environmental friendliness.

Wie verlege ich Laminat?

How to lay laminate?

Instructions - the correct installation of laminate flooring and what else you should know.

Was ist Laminat?

What is laminate?

Laminate is one of the most purchased and popular floor coverings ever...

Parketthölzer Allgemein

Parquet wood in general

Wood is suitable for processing into wood flooring special parquet flooring. The colors, finishes and wood density create living quality.

Parketthölzer Beispiele

Parquet wood examples

Here you can find the different parquet patterns and examples.

Die Parkettstrukturen

The parquet structures

The diverse parquet structures allow a varied creative design of the room. The room can be visually enlarged and stretched.

Was sind Dielen?

What are planks?

Planks are originally long boards of coniferous wood used for flooring. Today, they are three layers.

Was ist Bambusparkett?

What is bamboo parquet?

Bamboo grows mainly in tropical areas, and with over 1300 species, it is found extensively in many countries.

Was ist Korkparkett?

What is cork parquet ?

Cork, corcho (Spanish), cortex (Latin) = bark, the closing tissue of plants around stems and roots. The cork oak has a particularly thick layer of cork and is native to the western Mediterranean, Portugal and North Africa.

Was ist Furnierboden?

What is veneer flooring?

Veneer flooring - just the compromise between parquet and laminate? Veneer flooring is much more than just that. It stands out with many advantages and quickly convinces customers.

Was ist ein Holzpflaster?

What is wood veneer flooring?

Wooden plaster is becoming an increasingly desirable residential flooring, especially due to modern architecture and new interior designs. However, woodblock is also frequently used in public and commercial areas in particular.


Parquet designs

Just as not all floors are the same and not all wood is the same, not all parquet flooring is the same.


Laying pattern

An installation pattern gives the room an individual look. Whether elegant or rustic, calm or lively - everything is possible!

Mögliche Holzsortierung?

Possible wood grading?

The different wood grades determine the surface appearance of the parquet floor.

Wichtige Parkett/Laminat Begriffe?

Important parquet/laminate terms?

Here you will find the most important terms (parquet lexicon)
Was ist Vinyl?

What is vinyl?

Vinyl is an extremely popular floor, which convinces with many advantages.

Klick Vinyl Erfahrung?

Click vinyl experience

The development of healthy and environmentally friendly vinyl floors has made huge progress in recent years. For example, vinyl floors today no longer contain plasticizers that are harmful to the environment and health.

Why is proper floor care important?

Gray stains, bulges and unwanted gaps? Brittle and cracked flooring that has lost its vitality?

Optimaler Bodenbelag für Haustiere

Optimal flooring for pets

The most suitable flooring for animals are also the most natural.

Welcher Boden ist geeigneter Tanzboden?

Which floor is more suitable for dancing?

When it comes to dancing, the right dance floor can be crucial.

Vinylboden schadstofffrei

Vinyl floor free of harmful substances

Many families value a safe home so that children can enjoy themselves without worry.