Vinyl flooring natural look

Vinyl flooring nature - promises a special charm

There are indeed soils that evoke memories of past decades. The vinyl floor Natur feels wonderfully at home in rooms with processed decors and dusty looks. Whether in combination with heirlooms in the style of Shabby Chic, retro style or country house style. In any case, this subfloor leaves behind an effective and nostalgic laying pattern

The Natur Optik vinyl flooring is an excellent match even for architectural features, ultra-modern furnishings and open room designs. The base develops a stylish effect in a playful way

Consequently, the floor is used in almost every environment. Not only farms, country houses or apartments in old buildings are decorated with this material. Offices, salons, shop areas or administrative rooms are already equipped with this robust and resilient floor covering. These are high-quality and sustainable products that contribute to a pleasant feeling of well-being and room climate

In addition, darker or lighter shades as well as knotholes and annual rings provide the desired rustic look. The alternating contrasts breathe new life into dreary and lifeless rooms. At the same time the natural appearance is skilfully enhanced.

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