Parquet floor white limed

The brand-new product ranges impress with their special beauty. At the same time the planks create a good atmosphere. Without a doubt, this noble wooden floor radiates an incredible calm

The high-quality material feels soft and warm to the touch, and the floor covering also effectively dampens noise. Its durability and robust surface are particularly appreciated by many consumers

The design is a feast for the eyes and promises to be more special in both residential and business premises. The advantages of this substrate are obvious.

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7 Items

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  • The whitewashed parquet flooring increases the value retention of the premises
  • The products are characterised by robust and easy-care surfaces
  • Thanks to practical click mechanisms, no tools are required to lay the floor coverings. The handles go quickly from the hand
  • The low-emission and low-allergy parquet enables a pleasant living room climate
These products stand for more liveliness and cosiness

If you want to furnish yourself stylishly, you should definitely include whitewashed parquet flooring in your planning. The sophisticated floor offers the perfect basis for a tasteful flair. Not only the timeless elegance creates a completely new feeling of space. Even highly frequented areas benefit from these floors

Each individual segment convinces by its form stability and robustness. One can speak with pleasure of an acquisition for life. In terms of longevity, no one can beat this product range. Even if there are animals and children in the household, no restrictions need be feared

The top layer is designed to withstand all loads. Easy-care features literally put the crown on the whole thing. Particularly when there is a lot of public traffic, soiling cannot be avoided. Don't worry, because with this floor covering you are well prepared for all areas as an entrepreneur or business owner

It is therefore not surprising that this high-quality soil is booming.