Laminate wideplank 1-plank

Laminate flooring wideplank - order and install

Laminate flooring is a high-quality flooring that goes well with many styles of living. One of the styles of living where laminate floors can be used wonderfully is the country house style. Country house furniture is characterised by natural materials such as fine woods, which are perfectly complemented by laminate country house floorboards.
A laminate floor is a robust floor consisting of several layers. The top layer is also known as the decorative layer and is the layer that is decisive for the design of the laminate flooring. Thanks to special techniques, manufacturers are now able to produce the decorative layer in a wide range of variations. Which, depending on the model, can be reminiscent of fine woods, robust tiles or striking natural stones.
In addition, laminate floorboards are also available in the décor of coarse ship planks or elegant floorboards from villas from earlier centuries. Thanks to this wide range of décors, it is no longer a problem to personalise the rooms in the trendy country house style.

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