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Egger - the quality brand for floors from Austria

The Egger family business was founded in 1961 in St. Johann in Tyrol. In over 50 years, this small company has grown into a group of companies with 19 plants in nine countries. This was made possible by excellent processing of high-quality materials and customer-oriented production. The renewable raw material wood was the basis and is still the driving force behind the Egger family business today.

The love for wood is incorporated in the processing of the products. Years of experience with the raw material not only increase the comfort of living, but also the convenience of the end user.

Environmental protection

Practical environmental protection is important for the company. The sustainability of wood as a raw material can only be ensured through the natural management of forest areas. At Egger, wood is always processed from "certified" (PEFC and FSC®) forest areas. In addition, the EU Timber Trade Regulation (EUTR) is complied with without exception when purchasing timber.

  • Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®)
  • Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes (PEFC)
  • EU Timber Trade Regulation since 2013 (EUTimberReg)
Product range

The properties of hardwearing and easy-care are a basic requirement for every product. You can find the right floor covering for every room (kitchen, bathroom, living room, children's room). The floor can be used for private and commercial purposes. The room climate is positively influenced by the processed material and the quality is shown by the durability. In the production of

  • Laminate
  • Comfort floor
  • Design floor

are convinced by the experience and know-how of the Egger company. The healthy room climate in private and commercial rooms is of course given with all products of this manufacturer.


The classic is resistant and suitable for every room. Its durability makes it ideal for children's rooms and commercial premises. This high-quality flooring with its natural ingredients increases living comfort and improves the indoor climate. Classic does not mean boring decor at the same time. The latest trends in design are available for selection.

The wet room laminate Aqua+ is perfect for the bathroom and kitchen. The easy cleaning and water resistance combined with a warm foot feeling in the morning bath is the decision guidance for every interested person. Laying the laminate flooring is quick and easy thanks to the patented click system. This type of installation also makes it easy to fit a laminate floor for a large room.

Comfort floor

This flooring combines the properties of cork and laminate. The cork makes this floor warm and quiet. This increases the quality of living and the cosy atmosphere. These advantages are convincing:

  • quietly
  • warm to the feet
  • pleasant walking sensation
  • pollution-free
  • 100 % without PVC

Of course this type of floor is available in different designs. The installation is done floating with the cork floor click system.

Design floor

The design floor from Egger is an all-rounder. It is extremely durable and resistant to moisture. It also consists largely of wood fibres. The planks of this floor have a thickness of 5 mm. This makes it ideal for seamless installation in the entire living area. These advantages can also be used in office and practice rooms.

This product is available in different optics and colours. The floor can be permanently glued or laid as a floating floor. A further advantage for demanding use is the SelfRepair effect. Due to this property, deformations or similar disappear after some time as if by magic by themselves.

  • robust and resistant to micro-scratches
  • "self-healing" surface
  • 70 % natural wood fibre
  • 100 % without PVC and plasticizers
  • moisture-resistant
  • dimensionally stable
  • easily installed
  • easy to maintain
  • lightfast
  • suitable for underfloor heating