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Wicanders floor coverings for highest demands

If you are looking for high quality and beautiful floor coverings made of cork or vinyl, there is no way around Wicanders. The renowned manufacturer has over 150 years of experience in the processing of cork, which is reflected in its first-class products. The unique floors from Portugal are always contemporary and have a noble design. Whether for new buildings or renovations - these floor coverings give every room that certain something and are absolutely robust. The manufacturer's motto is to offer feet naturalness. He achieves this by using high quality natural materials.

Natural cork flooring for more healthy living

Cork is still one of the most sustainable materials for floors. The cork is obtained by harvesting the bark of the cork oaks, whereby the trees do not have to be felled. Harvesting by hand ensures high yields and protects the trees so that new material can be harvested regularly. Cork also has many advantages over other materials in the living room, because it is extremely robust and provides a pleasant room climate. The cork flooring is available both for floating installation with a click system and for full-surface gluing. Furthermore, the floors are available in different formats, such as tile or plank formats. A wide range of colours and textures extend the choice, so that a suitable cork floor is available for almost every room. Wicander even offers waterproof floor variants, which is ideal for a floor warm to the feet in bathrooms or guest toilets.

Also those who are looking for a vinyl flooring for the residential or commercial space will certainly find what they are looking for quickly with the Portuguese producer. Vinyl flooring in stone or wood look is a natural alternative to real wood or tile flooring. A big advantage is the combination of a warm and structured surface with the great robustness that the material has. Wicanders uses vinyl flooring in combination with cork tiles, which results in a stable and healthy floor covering. The vinyl floors thus have a hard-wearing wear layer that protects the underlying decorative and vinyl layer and keeps it from scratches and moisture. Depending on the design, vinyl floors are thus even suitable for damp rooms or other areas where the floor is frequently exposed to heavy loads. Especially in corridors and business premises, vinyl floors in a wood look create a cosy atmosphere and are still resistant and insensitive to scratches.

For its vinyl floors, the manufacturer has developed a click system that combines cork with an HDF core board. This results in a dimensionally stable surface that hardly moves even under heavy loads. A cork surface is integrated into the vinyl floor, which gives the floor flexibility and insulates it. The warm floor cushions the steps so pleasantly, which is particularly pleasing to barefoot walkers. Vinyl floors from Wicanders are therefore also perfectly suited for children's and teenagers' rooms.

A second layer of cork on the underside of Wicanders' click vinyl floorings provides additional insulation against rising cold. The cork insulation layer not only ensures a higher quality of living, but also saves heating costs. Especially when renovating old buildings, this solution is perfect, because cork is a diffusion-open material. There is no risk of moisture accumulating here, which could lead to mould or structural damage.

  • Use of renewable raw materials, such as cork
  • Isolating effect of cork on a natural basis
  • Shock absorbing and insulating effect of cork

The combination of cork with vinyl surface offers countless designs. Wicanders has the right floor covering for virtually every living and working area - from classic wooden floors to a noble natural stone look. Due to the structuring of the coated surface, the floors can hardly be distinguished from their models, but are much easier to maintain. Especially floors in stone or exposed concrete look are currently trendy due to their extravagant appearance. If you still don't want to do without warm feet or cannot lay a tiled floor, you will find the perfect alternative here. Vinyl floors, just like cork floors, can be laid in a floating manner or firmly glued. Thanks to the Click system, floating installation is also easy to implement on your own. The advantage is that the floor can usually even be laid over existing floors. This installation method is therefore ideal for the renovation of rented apartments.

Guaranteed quality for every application

Among floors, wood is still the classic. Almost everyone finds wooden floors particularly comfortable. Warm and natural wood tones are also versatile and timeless. Wicanders has developed a range of wood decors that can compete with real wood in any case. The warm surface of the vinyl flatters the feet. Thanks to the integrated cork layer, Wicander floors also spring back slightly. Even if something should fall, this resistant floor will not suffer any damage. Cork as a material can score points here due to its elasticity, durability and thermal and sound insulation. Furthermore, the bark of the cork tree is naturally fire-resistant. For allergy sufferers, cork has the advantage that the material is hypoallergenic and house dust mites cannot settle here.

The experienced producer uses the latest processing technologies to produce floors of the best quality. Testing by laboratories such as the Entwicklungs- und Prüfungslabor Holztechnologie GmbH (EPH) not only ensures the quality but also the sustainability of the floors.