Parquet floor brushed

Parquet floor brushed - wooden floors from their most beautiful side

A parquet floor fills every room with natural warmth. Looking at it is as pleasurable as walking or sitting on it. It appeals to the senses and provides comfort. If the surface of parquet is brushed, the grain and texture of the wood is shown to its best advantage

If it is additionally oiled, the respective colour tone also appears more intensive. Lacquered surfaces preserve the authentic wood character and add a noble and elegant touch. Painted floors are also particularly easy to clean

Since in interaction with the respective wood species and the surface, very different effects are created. These parquet floors offer the perfect basis for every style of living and taste.

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Design, colours & bevels for a harmonious overall picture

Brushed parquet flooring is available as 2- and 3-strip ship's floor, 1-strip country house floorboards, country house floorboards and in herringbone design, among others. The joint pattern is also decisive for the effect of the floor. Planks with all-round bevel underline the charm and elegance of a real parquet floor

While those without a joint create a harmoniously uniform overall picture. Colour plays another important role in choosing the right parquet. It significantly influences the perception of space. Floors in light, cream and fresh tones reflect the light and make small rooms appear larger

With warm red-brown colours, for example, a cosy, oriental or Mediterranean ambience can be created. Dark and strong colours provide an expressive basis for a rustic, classic or exotic interior style

With grey nuances, puristic and modern furnishings are perfectly implemented. Thanks to the wide range of designs, decors and colours, personal room concepts can be realised. In this way the desired ambience is achieved.

The other advantages of parquet

Parquet is available for gluing and for floating installation with click systems. The latter vary according to manufacturer, but are all easy to use. It can be combined with underfloor heating without hesitation

This saves heating costs and increases the pleasant feeling of the feet. Cleaning is also easy and should preferably be done dry with broom and vacuum cleaner. As a natural floor covering, parquet is also

  • healthy living & low allergy
  • hard wearing & environmentally friendly
  • dimensionally stable & swelling protected.