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Tarkett, successfully active as a floor covering manufacturer for more than 130 years

The Tarkett group of companies was founded in 1886 as Tarkett-AB in Ronneby (Sweden) and soon made a name for itself in Europe as a manufacturer of high quality floor coverings. Today, the group of companies is one of the TOP-10 European vinyl floor manufacturers and is active worldwide as a manufacturer of PVC flooring, linoleum, sports flooring and wood and parquet flooring.

Progress and innovation

The flooring manufacturer has set up a dedicated creative laboratory where it is constantly experimenting with new and even better materials and colours. Modern design items are also crossed with vintage elements, which serves the continuous reinvention of the most diverse living and design styles. In this way, the deliberate carelessness of vintage style and modern brilliance is formed into products with the best characteristics.

Tarkett produces high quality, sustainable floor coverings

The company wants to support each and every customer in creating more pleasant and better living spaces that enable a healthy life while conserving natural resources. The acceleration of the ReSta take-back programme is intended to contribute to the development of a closed-loop recycling economy, in line with the company's sustainability principle of "doing good together", which is based on Michael Braungart's "cradle to cradle principles". The "cradle-to-cradle" principle, developed in 2002, has the perfect cycle in mind and is based on nature, because biological cycles do not leave behind any waste. Since production is constantly consuming other raw materials, which are however only finitely available on earth, thinking in cycles is intended to counteract the waste of resources.

With these products the manufacturer knows how to inspire
  • Vinyl floors are offered by the manufacturer in different thicknesses, with wear layer thicknesses of 0.3 mm, 0.4 mm and 0.55 mm, depending on the load. Whether for living areas with light loads or for use in commercial areas. Vinyl floor coverings are offered which also fully accentuate the individual image of a house, whether it is a private apartment, hotel, shop or retirement home. The design floors offer colours and decors in stone and wood that allow for a wide variety of plank and tile formats from the vinyl floor manufacturer. Particularly interesting are the 12 decors with a synchronously embossed surface, where you can not only visually perceive the wood structure but also feel it.
  • Laminate As plank they are offered in many wood variations. At the same time, the long planks have a completely natural look, make every room seem larger and have a calming effect on the senses. They are available in classic and rustic wood reproductions and convince by their robustness, scratch resistance and good care properties. The high-density fibreboards (HDF) give the laminate floorboards their dimensional stability. Thanks to the click connection, these can also be laid relatively easily by laymen and can be installed on hot water underfloor heating systems. These are floor coverings that are healthy for living and have been certified with the Blue Angel and the PEFC certificate. This means that the manufacturer does not use any materials that could affect health, which is particularly important for the floor covering manufacturer. Floor coverings with the Ü- Awards, such as Nordic Soul are fully recyclable.
  • Parquet, pure nature The collection also includes very traditional, country house floorboards. Noble, durable wood, whose 3.5 mm thick top layer is pure wood that can be sanded down several times if necessary. For this purpose, Manufacturer-Tarkett also offers special hard wax oils, which are intended to wrap around the parquet wood like a silky matt protective layer, create a beautiful surface and protect it from too intensive wear. The parquet flooring is surprisingly stable and a 2-lock click connection allows for installation without special tools.
  • Cork floors, another pure natural product of the manufacturer Cork floors in various decors and covered with an abrasion-resistant hard lacquer ensure greater durability.
  • Design floors, with Cementi Click, in tiles and stone look or plain and in many colours, made of microfibre. This is a typical floor for the living area and is 100 percent recyclable. For all who prefer carpet.