White skirting board

You want to renovate your own home for a long time or you are already doing it? Then take a look at the decorative skirting boards from Parkettkaiser and let the rooms of your own home shine in full elegance!

Variety of white skirting boards in pure perfection

The new floor in your room is already installed, but it is still missing that certain something? Then you've come to the right place with the variety of white skirting boards from Parkettkaiser. Depending on your needs, you can find parquet skirting boards in different heights from four to 14 centimeters. The widths and possible ornaments also alternate in the range of products, so there is a suitable white skirting board for every taste. Of course, you will find the length, height and width of the baseboards listed with your desired baseboards, so you can easily determine the number of meters you need.

Trends come true with laminate skirting boards from Parkettkaiser

The latest living trend can be realized well and easily with our baseboards. Especially popular is the color matching of the baseboard to the wall color of a room. Due to the fact that the baseboards are primed white, in many cases they can be easily redesigned in terms of color. Multiple edits can also be done with ease.

White baseboards with different functions

White baseboards differ not only in their appearance, but also in their functions. Some baseboards have a cable guide, through which you can practically and beautifully hide cables throughout the room. Hidden cables make the room look tidy and orderly and bring you an increased feel-good factor.

Install white baseboards in the room as easy as pie, even if you're a beginner!

There are different installation methods for baseboards, which you can implement well even as a layman. In most cases, no fiddling with nails or screws is necessary when installing the baseboards. Laminate baseboards have a clip assembly, which are attached to the wall with the help of an adhesive. This will save you not only time, but also materials such as screws and other tools.

Skirting boards white - top modern with personal advice

If you are unsure about which white skirting board to choose, you can get free advice from us at +49 (0) 421 408 897 40. In addition, possible discount offers will also be made available to you when purchasing a skirting board, so that you can obtain first-class goods at an even lower price.

All-round first-class - take advantage of it!

Whether you want your skirting boards white or differently designed - with Parkettkaiser you are offered not only first-class telephone advice, but also goods of the highest quality. Parquet skirting boards have never been able to enhance a room like the floor skirting boards from Parkettkaiser. Take a look around and let yourself be enchanted!