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The Parquet floor is made of wood, a natural material. Wood breathes and thus influences not only the appearance of the room, but also the room climate. If the air humidity is very high, the parquet absorbs moisture and expands slightly. If the air humidity drops sharply, it releases moisture and contracts again somewhat. This floor covering thus regulates the room climate so that it is always is pleasantly felt and the Promoting the health of the residents. In order to avoid cracking due to the working of the wood, prefabricated parquet nowadays has a multi-layer structure. The individual layers have different fibre directions.

This compensates for the working of the material. A Parquet floor is also always pleasantly warm to the feet. Wood is an elastic material that is easy on the joints of the user. Parquet as a floor covering also looks noble, is easy to care for and lasts a very long time. If necessary, it can be removed several times, depending on the thickness of the wear layer and surface treatment.

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