Vinyl flooring Rustikal

Vinyl floor Rustikal - Refreshing and natural interior design

Vinyl floors offer many advantages, because they have an elegant design and are robust and easy to clean. A rustic vinyl floor offers a coarse but high-quality decor. The wood decors allow the natural grain and knotholes of the wood to stand out visually

Rustic vinyl floors are also available in a stone floor look. The stone decor appears simple and straightforward. It conveys an inviting and cosy charm. In addition, the rustic vinyl floors offer numerous installation and usage advantages

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Vinyl floors Rustikal - the optimal living space design

The modern vinyl floors from the Parquetkaiser range offer excellent quality. Chemical softeners and other harmful substances are not used in the production process. The floors can be laid quickly and easily

The result is an all-round harmonious installation pattern in every living space. A strong wear layer as well as the surface ensure that the rustic vinyl floor is resistant.

Where is a vinyl floor resistant to?

  • Abrasion
  • Fading
  • Strip
  • In addition, these vinyl floors offer excellent walking comfort, which is ensured not least by the warm feel of the floor. Furthermore, the floors guarantee excellent footfall sound insulation.
Vinyl floors in rustic elegance

Vinyl floors with a rustic decor are versatile. They not only beautify corridors, staircases, hallways and foyers. In fact, they are also an excellent floor for heavily frequented business premises

At Parkettkaiser you will also find rustic vinyl floors that are ideal for every living area.

The rustic appearance refers equally to their appearance as to their properties

At the same time, the rustic vinyl floors are extremely durable and easy to maintain. Structure and decor remain permanently beautiful.

Large selection of rustic vinyl floors

For living and utility rooms, Parquetkaiser offers a comprehensive range of rustic vinyl floors from renowned brand manufacturers. The modern floors are easy to install and maintain. They also give the premises a cosy and inviting charm
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