Parquet flooring planed

Planed parquet flooring as unique specimen

A parquet floor that has been planed or hand-planed is truly unique. This is what makes this floor so incomparably charming. It makes no difference whether this parquet is light or darker wood tones, the main focus is on the handmade workmanship The handmade surface treatment means that each specimen has its own unique appearance. This means there is no second floor with the same detailed design. That is why many aesthetes choose exactly such a floor, which is hand planed. Apart from this special variant, there are other options available as to how the soil is then further worked Either the parquet is oiled or lacquered after planing. Each after-treatment has its own specifications. The lacquers, for example, offer the advantage that they are available in various colours and the oiled version offers the authentic charm Here every floor friend can decide which variant is his favourite. A special floor does not necessarily require a complicated installation. On the contrary, laying the parquet is easy. This also applies to the hand-planed version and, in addition, the web shop offers the possibility of working exactly according to plan This plan or manual can be loaded within a few clicks. Since it was also created for beginners, it is easy to handle. This way the new parquet floor can be planed and laid with fun in renovating.

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Laying planed parquet flooring as a unique specimen
  • Individual look
  • High quality design
  • Handcrafted
  • Durable
Parquet with individual charm

So if you are looking for a special floor that does not exist in this form for a second time, this parquet is the best choice and you will enjoy this one. If you wish, you can apply a footfall sound insulation before laying the floor, so that the children can walk around the house and play more freely

The room acoustics are then also more pleasant and disturbing footfall noise is effectively prevented. Anyone who appreciates function combined with decorative design can choose this floor. With this model, it quickly looks like a professionally furnished furniture store within your own four walls, only more individual and with your own personal charm

Such a furniture store also serves as an inspiration for many people regarding their own furnishings. Here it is also often evident how certain pieces of furniture can be made into different floors. Inspiration is even more effective when samples of floor coverings are ordered, because up close and in your own home the colours and combinations often look different again.