Solid wood parquet floor

Solid wooden floor

A wooden floor underlines the warm and cosy atmosphere in your home. Especially with a solid wood parquet floor, the naturalness of this material has a positive effect on the surroundings. Wood breathes and influences the room climate. A solid wood floor is not only suitable for a rustic interior. Depending on the type of wood, the modern living inventory gets a special touch. The individual choice of wood and decor type as well as colouring is decisive for the visual appeal of the room or the whole living area. During the processing of the wood we pay attention to high quality. Special emphasis is placed on the sustainability of the natural material wood at suppliers. The proof of "lived" environmental protection is provided by a certificate or seal of approval. The processing of the surface of solid wood floors by the manufacturer varies. Depending on the product model you can choose between oiled, untreated or painted. A solid wood plank is made from one piece of wood. This should be taken into account during installation. Wood "works", which means it expands or contracts due to environmental influences. This change is in the millimeter range. Nevertheless, the solid wood floor should be given the opportunity to do so. Leave an expansion gap between the floor and the wall. Laying a solid wood parquet floor is easy and can be done by anyone. Another positive characteristic of wooden floors is that they are easy on the joints when walking. Wood is not a rigid material. It gives way under pressure. These springy movements are minimal and can be felt by the joints. A solid wood floor is suitable for individual rooms, the entire living area or for a noble touch in practice or office rooms. Installation in damp rooms is not recommended.

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Properties of a solid wood floor

When laying on underfloor heating, it is essential to follow the manufacturer's instructions. Some wood species react to the constant heat from below. Basically a parquet floor is easy to maintain. This durable product is protected by the surface treatment. The term "oiled" means that the solid wood floor has been treated with a special oil by the manufacturer. This protects against dirt and moisture and underlines the wood structure. The pores of the product are open. If the solid wood floor has been varnished, it is more protected against scratches. In this process the pores are closed. You can protect an untreated solid wood floor according to your wishes and ideas

Other characteristics of the floor made of natural wood:

Over time, small scratches or stains will appear on the wooden floor during use. These can easily be removed by grinding or pulling off. An oiled or painted surface is particularly suitable for this purpose. Then the surface of the solid wood floor must be protected again (oil, wax or varnish)

  • high quality
  • durable
  • 100 % pure wood
  • easy maintenance
  • pleasant pedalling feel
  • easy on the joints due to the wood's resilience
  • natural wood look
  • good and healthy indoor climate
  • suitable for underfloor heating with manufacturer recommendation


  • not suitable for humid rooms (bath, sauna, wellness rooms)
Processing a solid wood floor

This type of floor has no integrated footfall sound insulation. When laying the floor, a suitable underlay must be used separately. Furthermore, these solid wood floors are not self-adhesive. Before starting work, the substrate must be prepared (unevenness, old floor covering). Cutting the planks to size produces waste. Take this waste into account when purchasing (at least 5 %). Refer to the manufacturer's instructions to find out whether the planks can be glued or floating. In both cases the planks are joined with a simple click (tongue and groove). If the surface has already been processed by the manufacturer, you do not need to follow any further steps before use. Finally, suitable skirting boards are attached (covering the expansion joint). The laying of a solid wood floor is possible for every hobby craftsman. A solid wood floor is durable and gives a lot of pleasure. Wood darkens slightly over time. This is quite natural and not a quality fault