Parquet flooring Vintage look

Parquet flooring Vintage look - here a lot of elegance resonates with

When people talk about the vintage style, they automatically look into many beaming faces. For most of us this keyword stands for Special feature and freedom. This target group wants to realize itself primarily through special and natural aspects

This point of view is also reflected in the design of the home oasis of well-being

Away from the mainstream and back to deceleration. The individual segments may remind you of times past. The parquet flooring Vintage look is perfectly suited for such projects

The material is neither old-fashioned nor out of fashion. The opposite is actually the case

It is precisely this legendary design that provides pure ecstasy in today's living landscapes. With this wonderful floor, harmonious furnishing ideas can be skilfully implemented and past eras can be immersed

The parquet floor convinces with a brilliant good taste and is an excellent impulse generator for great furnishing. If you don't fancy this underground, you are really missing an excellent opportunity.

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