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A brand Made in Germany

As a leading German manufacturer of wall and floor coverings, the family-owned company stands for technological leadership and sustainability. Under the motto "Floors for a better tomorrow", the approximately 2,000 employees of the CLASSEN Group are committed to a sustainable future in all areas of the value chain. With great passion and competence, they achieve outstanding results - from the conservation of resources to the long life cycle to the complete recycling of healthy wall and floor coverings.

For its completely pollutant-free wall and floor coverings, CLASSEN deliberately avoids the use of chlorine, PVC and plasticisers. With numerous patents available to the entire industry, the company not only underlines its own independence, but also its ongoing commitment to our livelihoods. With CERAMIN®, CLASSEN has developed a material that consists largely of recycled plastics and is 100 percent recyclable. In this way, CLASSEN makes an exemplary contribution to the circular economy. The third generation is now working in the family company founded in 1962 by Dr. Hans-Jürgen Hannig.

From the idea to the product - a masterpiece

Apart from the material grade and the quality of outstanding design, the company philosophy of the group of companies is based on the additional benefits for the trading partner and the end user. In addition to the loyalty to the location and the associated safeguarding and provision of jobs in Germany, this means: certified quality (CLASSEN-Certified-Quality, CCQ) in the handling of the raw material wood up to the finished packed floor. The outstanding criteria of this production chain are sustainability and low-emission production.

The basis of certified raw material quality is formed by woods that all originate from sustainable forestry. In detail, this means: securing the tropical rainforest by protecting the tropical woods located there. The company associates the "Blue Angel" with low-emission production in the course of a sustainable materials cycle, which is reflected in production, the supply chain and the choice of location.

Short transport routes and low-emission production technologies play a decisive role in the manufacturing process and are further processed in an environmentally friendly manner by recycling the wood in a bio power plant. The result of this resource-conserving and sustainable management is a tested product quality Made in Germany with the claim of continuous quality controls by external control authorities, such as the eco Institut Cologne or the EPH Dresden.

Living space solutions using patented production technologies

Innovation begins with the handling of the valuable resource wood in the technology and its integration into the manufacturing process. With the patented production technology LLT (abbreviation for Liqid Laminate Technology), the size of the industry surpasses itself in terms of emission protection and energy efficiency. By merging work processes that were initially separate, the company has succeeded in combining production quality and sustainability in a cost-effective manner.

The interior specialists with top-quality surface structures prove that this innovative progress also has a positive effect on design quality. Reproductions of natural raw materials, such as leather and stone, can be found in this concept as well as fine-pored or chrome-like surfaces. Struktur serves classic designs as well as prevailing fashions, which the company recognizes early on and knows how to implement in a targeted manner.

The implementation of large numbers of surfaces under the logistical goal of digital production makes the decor of this manufacturer interesting also for bulk buyers. Always with sustainability in mind, the Classen Eco-System operates an ecological production cycle at the integrated production site.

The simple handling of Classen products

Easy Connect and Megaloc are the names of the two patented laying systems of simplest handling, which enjoy a worldwide reputation. If Easy Connect is a glue-free joint, Megaloc sets new standards due to its quick installation solution: "attach, snap in, done".

In addition to easy handling, the reputation of the highest quality designs precedes the brand manufacturer. As winner of the German Design Award 2019 with the Neo Vario series, the company was honoured in the "Special Mention" category. In addition to this product, the Classen Creative Group develops new living space designs in the following areas every day: Laminate flooring, design flooring, vinyl flooring and wall and floor tiles.

With the collections:

  • SPEKTRUM - Design your life
  • ECO.LAMINAT - My robust floor
  • VISIOGRANDE - Is this really laminate?

the creative heads of the company created laminate flooring "for every requirement". If the SPEKTRUMS trademark is its authentic, natural and easy-care structure, the VISIOGRANDE laminate tile proves true authenticity through attractive designs and decors. The natural wood of the ECO.LAMINATE, on the other hand, seems to be a deliberate turn towards naturalness with all its advantages.

In contrast, the design floors of the brand manufacturer read like real visions of the future with the following name:

  • EVO - The quiet floor
  • NEO 2.0 - The natural design floor
  • ECO.COMFORT - My quiet floor
  • ECO.SONO PRO - The premium floor

and enrich the room with innovations of a newly developed CERAMIN® material (NEO 2.0) with a robust and waterproof surface or an extremely robust PentaTec surface with better service class 34 (ECO.SONO PRO). The two silent pedals EVO and ECO.COMFORT promise living comfort by integrating a natural cork layer that reduces footfall sound to a minimum.

Among the vinyl floors are the two collections:

  • GREENVINYL - For healthy living
  • ECO.VINYL - My healthy floor

the first vinyl floors in their class to be awarded the "Blue Angel". The GREENVINYL flooring creation focuses on high quality, especially in terms of appearance and feel, through brilliant digital decor. Just like GREENVINYL, ECO.VINYL scores with a healthy, waterproof solution without the use of plasticizers or PVC.