Parquet floor beech

Furnish living and utility rooms with beech parquet

Parquet flooring in beech is an excellent way to create an appealing design for utility and living spaces. The strong colour of the beech wood is a real eye-catcher and harmonises perfectly with dignified wooden furniture. Beech parquet not only offers an elegant decor. In fact, it also offers many advantages for installation and use. Here you can inform yourself about the characteristics of modern beech parquet.

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Parquet in elegant beech decor

Made of the robust beech wood, the parquet floors from the Parquetkaiser range create a natural and noble decor. Structure and colour convey a varied and refreshing impression. The surface wonderfully reproduces the grain and knotholes of the beech wood. This gives the floor a characteristic appearance. Beech parquet is available from Parquetkaiser in light and dark variants. So you can choose a decor that perfectly matches your interior design. Beech parquet embellishes living and utility rooms and enhances them visually.

The laying of parquet floors in beech

The beech parquet from the Parquetkaiser range can be laid easily, quickly and in many different ways in living and utility rooms of all types and sizes. The planks are joined together using a modern click system, whereby both floating and glued installation is possible. The beautiful decor and the two to four-sided bevel of the planks create a harmonious installation pattern. The installation is also possible in rooms with underfloor heating.

Noble beech parquet with practical features

The modern and high-quality parquet floor in beech decor from the Parquetkaiser range offers many practical features. It has a high material and manufacturing quality. The oiled or sealed surface and the strong wear layer ensure that the floor is insensitive to scratches, abrasion, stains and streaks. The decor remains in its original condition for a long time and the beech parquet proves to be easy to maintain. In addition, the parquet is comfortable to walk on, as it is always warm to the feet. The excellent footfall sound insulation should also be emphasised. You will find suitable beech parquet in the shop of Parkettkaiser not only for living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms. There is also a wide range of options for business premises, hallways, corridors and foyers. You too can opt for an elegant interior design with modern and high-quality beech parquet.