Parquet floor maple

Parquet floor maple - creative room design

A maple parquet floor offers the best conditions for creative design of living and utility rooms. Not only does it offer an elegant decor, but it also has many advantages for installation and everyday use. The light colouring of the wood makes rooms friendly and inviting. A modern maple parquet floor can be laid easily and flexibly. In the following you will learn more about the characteristics of maple parquet from the Parkettkaiser range.

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Elegant maple wood

A maple parquet floor gives a fresh and varied impression. This is ensured by the stylish décor, which wonderfully reproduces the structure of maple wood. Knotholes and the grain are also taken into account. This results in a varied and characteristic appearance. Light maple wood makes living and utility rooms appear friendly, inviting and homely. Not only does it go well with dignified wooden furniture and a country house style interior, but it also enhances the visual effect of modern furniture.

Maple parquet easy, variable and quick to lay

The maple parquet from the Parkettkaiser range is designed for simple, variable and quick installation. The planks are joined together with a modern click system. The installation can be glued or floating. The two to four-edged planks complement the maple decor perfectly to create a harmonious overall picture.

High quality maple parquet with great advantages of use

Parquetkaiser focuses on high-quality maple parquet with excellent material and manufacturing quality. Board thickness, wear layer and a sealed or oiled surface make the floor resistant to streaks, abrasion, stains and scratches. In this way, the parquet is suitable for everyday use, easy to care for and durable. The floor is pleasantly warm to the feet and also has good walking comfort and excellent footfall sound insulation. Maple parquet is versatile and cuts a fine figure not only in the bedroom, living room and dining room. Suitable variants are also available for utility rooms and for installation in rooms with underfloor heating. You too can rely on the modern maple parquet from the Parquetkaiser range for a stylish interior design.