Honey Oak vinyl floor

Vinyl flooring in Honey Oak is a great way to stylishly enhance commercial and residential spaces. They are robust and easy to clean and offer an elegant decor. This is especially true for the vinyl floors in the Honey Oak design

They are characterised by a warm and light brown colour, which makes every room inviting and homely. In addition, floors in Honey Oak décor have many practical advantages for installation and everyday use. Here you can learn more about the properties of the Honey-Oak vinyl floors from the Parquetkaiser range.

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Robust and solid vinyl floor Honey Oak

Vinyl is a robust and versatile floor covering. Modern vinyl floors offer excellent quality. The production does not use chemical softeners or other harmful substances

The installation is particularly easy and flexible in living and utility rooms. The elegant decor and the shape of the tiles or country house floorboards complement each other to create a harmonious installation pattern

The strong wear layer and the coated surface ensure that the floor is insensitive

Insensitive to:

  • Scratches
  • Spots
  • Fading
  • Abrasion
  • Strip

  • Walking comfort and footfall sound insulation are also impressive. The vinyl floors in Honey Oak decor are always warm to the feet and have a pleasant feel.
Stylish Honey Oak decor

The Honey Oak decor presents the colour and structure of high-quality oak wood. It offers a natural grain of the knotholes, which gives the floor a face that is not to be confused. The colouring is warm and honey-like. This ensures that living and utility rooms are made cosy and inviting

Parquetkaiser offers you a large selection of Honey Oak vinyl floors in many different cuts and colour shades. The Honey Oak décor harmonises excellently with dignified wooden furniture, but also enhances a modern interior. In addition to living rooms, bedrooms and dining rooms, corridors, hallways, business premises and foyers also benefit from this elegant floor.

High quality Honey Oak vinyl floor at a reasonable price

Here in our online shop you will find a wide selection of vinyl floors in Honey Oak decor at reasonable prices. You too can use this cosy and modern wood decor to enhance the appearance and feel of living and utility rooms. Benefit from the practical installation properties of vinyl floors in the Honey Oak look