Parquet floor pine

Parquet flooring pine for a warm ambience
Many people prefer an elegant and at the same time warm and cosy ambience in their living rooms. In order to give your home such an ambience, you can choose a beautiful parquet floor from the Pine line, for example. This soil is beige to medium brown and has a beautiful, lively charismatic grain. On this background all furniture looks the same as designer furniture. The ambience can be created either chic and trendy or rustic and cosy. More and more often, both styles of living are also being mixed and result in a very individual look. This gives creative people more scope when it comes to furnishing their rooms as they wish. Parquet fans will enjoy their floor for a long time, because it is both decorative and durable. The fact that it is easy to install and just as easy to maintain should be another advantage that is right for the parquet. In addition, this floor clearly and vividly demonstrates that warm living ambience and cool elegance do not have to be mutually exclusive.

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  • Easy maintenance
  • Easy to install
  • Durable
  • Decorative
Living elegance for all rooms
It is not uncommon for a room to first be laid out with a nice parquet floor. When it becomes clear how much charisma such a floor has and how big the difference was to the old floor, then a decision is often made. Namely that all rooms should have such a great design, even if little by little. Of course the floor coverings can also be combined. But if you value a uniform look, you can always upgrade from time to time. For example, high-gloss furniture in black, white or anthracite make a wonderful addition to this parquet. Matching pictures and wall colours or wallpapers in this colour also go well with this parquet. Individual style and professional living trends can now be easily implemented. The right floor alone makes it possible and offers living comfort that is second to none. The parquet flooring Pine is a particularly beautiful model among parquet floors, although in the end it is definitely a question of personal taste which floor is perceived as particularly pleasant.