Vinyl floor integrated impact sound

Laying vinyl flooring with integrated footfall sound insulation

The advantages of a vinyl floor as an alternative are obvious. There are no limits to the colour variations of modern vinyl flooring. From rustic to elegant with a wood or tile look, everything is possible thanks to the innovative embossing technique. The high quality material and workmanship makes this floor robust and scratch-resistant. Despite a lower price in relation to parquet and laminate, you benefit from the durability of this product. This floor does not resent a heavy load in the corridor and entrance area or increased frequency of use. The surface is hard-wearing and easy to clean. A further advantage for everyday office life is, for example, the warmth of the vinyl floor. An 8-hour day at the desk often causes cold feet. This floor covering counteracts this. Within your own four walls, walking barefoot is not unpleasant. A click vinyl with HDF core board has another advantage. With this variant you have a Vinyl floor with integrated footfall sound insulation. This saves further costs and increases living comfort. Due to the carrier plate an additional underlay as impact sound insulation is no longer necessary. This simplifies the installation work and the floating installation with the click connection is problem-free. Unfortunately, there is one small disadvantage. The vinyl floor with HDF core board should not be installed in damp rooms. The material of the HDF can swell when exposed to moisture. But it is perfectly suitable for the majority of premises in the private and commercial sector.


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