Parquet hand planed

Parquet floor hand-planed - The absolute unicum

More and more people are returning to natural materials for furnishing their homes. Parquet is 100% wood flooring and is therefore becoming increasingly popular.
A parquet floor offers countless possibilities. Both by the choice of wood, color and type of surface. Your parquet floor becomes completely individual when it is planed by hand.

When it comes to the handmade surface, there are no two absolutely identical parquet floorboards. If the parquet is planed by hand, the flooring looks more natural and cosy than the smooth floor when machine-finished.

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Parquet hand planed - Advantages of this type of parquet
  • Each floor realized with it is absolutely unique.
  • durable, therefore long warranty periods, especially for private use
  • warm and cosy looking floor covering
  • warm and elastic floor, therefore easy on the joints
  • dimensionally stable due to three-layer structure
  • easy-care
  • easy to install with a click system
  • can be laid over underfloor heating systems
To lay the parquet finished by hand

Before laying the parquet you should give it at least 48 hours to acclimatize in the room. Wood is a living material that reacts to temperature and humidity. Start laying at the light source and work parallel to the incidence of light. You can achieve a more uniform colour scheme for your new floor if you take the planks alternately from different packages for installation.

A joint offset is necessary both for a better appearance and for safe laying. If the room is not too small, it should be at least 40 cm. Towards the walls, you must allow for an expansion joint so that the wood can move with changing temperatures and humidity.

Normally these joints are 2 mm per meter of width of the room. As a final laying step, they cover these joints with a skirting board in matching colour

The parquet is only pushed into each other during installation. Due to the click system the plank snaps into place and a secure, durable connection is created. Gluing or nailing is not necessary. The substrate must be level, clean, dry and firm.

You should not lay parquet over carpets or similar. First remove the old floor covering.

How is the parquet maintained?

Normal soiling by dust or crumbs is swept off or vacuumed up. Stains should be wiped away immediately with a damp cloth. Please make sure that the cloth is not wet. Moisture damages the parquet flooring.

For more stubborn stains you can use a special wood floor soap, which you can also find in the offer at Parkettkaiser.

Special repair compounds are available for small cracks and notches. Oiled floors should be re-oiled at larger intervals. Please follow the manufacturer's instructions. If your wooden floor shows larger cracks or stains that cannot be removed after several years of use, you can sand it (have it sanded). However, the surface structure can change due to grinding. The wooden floor must then be resealed by oiling or waxing.