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A laminate floor is much cheaper than a parquet floor. Visually, a good, modern laminate can hardly be distinguished from parquet flooring today.
But what is this laminate anyway? A plastic? No, it is not plastic, but consists of 90% wood.
The remaining 10 % are environmentally friendly gluing resins. In contrast to parquet flooring, the planks or tiles are not made of solid wood, but of a highly compressed wood fibre board to which a decorative layer is applied.
It goes without saying that the laminate floors at Parquetkaiser do not contain any additives that are harmful to health or the environment, such as plasticizers or pesticides.
The decorative layer of the laminate floor offers countless design possibilities. Wood and stone decors are very popular, but it is also possible to use single-colour decors or decors with fantasy patterns. Wood and stone decors are often worked with phases around the planks or boards. This makes the floors look deceptively real like a wooden or stone floor.

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