Vinyl floor in grey

Decorative grey vinyl floor for living and sleeping areas

Grey vinyl flooring is a high-quality floor covering that offers a wide range of possibilities for rooms of all kinds

The installation of the vinyl floors is particularly easy. The individual planks (planks or tiles) can be laid in a few simple steps. So that you can use the new vinyl floor a short time later

All vinyl floors at Parkettkaiser are of course made from healthy, healthy materials phthalate-free Plasticizers. Other excellent properties of vinyl floors include excellent load-bearing capacity and long life. On a vinyl floor you walk wonderfully soft and even warm to the feet. This has to do with the material vinyl, which has particularly friendly properties

The material is also impact sound absorbing. For the maintenance of the floors use a suitable care product. That you can of course buy directly with your floor or later individually from Parquetkaiser.

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