Vinyl floor on HDF carrier

Vinyl floor on Hdf carrier - robust and hard-wearing

Vinyl floor coverings are very much in vogue, and not only in the commercial sector. Vinyl is the floor covering of choice wherever high durability must go hand in hand with insensitivity to dirt and little cleaning effort. One such area of application is, for example, kindergartens, but also households where children are not only allowed to play in the children's room

How quickly does a glass of paint or a glass of water fall over with the brushes when painting. On an unvarnished parquet floor, that would be a medium apocalypse. On a vinyl floor, one wipe with a damp mop is enough to remove the dirt. Water cannot penetrate and the floor looks just as flawless afterwards as it did before.

You have the choice between the most diverse, expressive designs, whether it is the reproduction of wood, stone or other natural materials. At first glance, each of our vinyl floors looks so authentic that your visitors often save themselves the trouble of taking a second look

Then they make a surprising discovery: their floor is wonderfully resilient and quiet. The latter is due to the integrated cork layer. When walked on barefoot, the floor is pleasantly warm to the feet, even in winter

Our top class vinyl floors are simply home friendly. By the way, you do not need to worry about her health either. Our vinyl floors do not contain any harmful plasticizers.

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