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Wallpapers - all-rounders for rooms with that certain something!

Whether you really feel at home in a room depends on many factors. Not infrequently, a discreet or unusual wallpaper plays the main role! While wallpaper played an important role in interior design until the end of the 1970s, white or monochrome painted walls were the measure of all things for decades afterwards. Finally, wallpaper is back and brings individuality and ambience into every room with new materials, patterns and structures! Let yourself be inspired by attractive non-woven, vinyl and photo wallpapers that create expressive rooms like no one else has!

Wallpapers - all-rounders for rooms with that certain something!

Whether you really feel at home in a room depends on many factors. Not infrequently, a discreet or unusual wallpaper plays the main role! While wallpaper played an important role in interior design until the end of the 1970s, white or monochrome painted walls were the measure of all things for decades afterwards. Finally, wallpaper is back and brings individuality and ambience into every room with new materials, patterns and structures! Let yourself be inspired by attractive non-woven, vinyl and photo wallpapers that create expressive rooms like no one else has!

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Fancy a change of scenery?

Even if your walls were previously white and puristic: Modern wallpapers are in trend! Innovative wallpaper technology makes it possible today to design every wall memorable and special. Perhaps wallpapers in stone or wood look conjure up noble ambience in your living and office rooms. Maybe you want to be beamed with expressive photo wallpapers in the bathroom, kitchen or bedroom to real favorite places? Wallpapers that imitate natural materials and structures or effect wallpapers that take you to completely new spheres, change completely normal rooms and make you unmistakable. What do you fancy?

  • Vinyl or non-woven wallpapers with geometric and floral patterns
  • Photo wallpapers with beach, city, forest or jungle motifs
  • Wallpapers with fascinating 3D effects
  • and imaginative children's room wallpapers with the favourite motifs of your children

give each of your rooms individual charm and more character! Some wallpapers create real wow effects, others work discreetly in the background with a large portion of feel-good flair and cosiness. With striking photo wallpapers one wall is enough as an eye-catcher, restrained structure wallpapers form the perfect basis, so that your high-quality furniture and pictures can work even more intensively. Not every wallpaper fits into every apartment. But for every type of home and every interior there is a potpourri of coherent wallpaper designs. Sometimes cheeky and smart, sometimes calm and dignified. But always strong in character! Are you ready for a little voyage of discovery into the history of wallpaper? Or are you going straight on the search for the perfect wallpaper for your living or business premises? At you will find wallpapers for every living situation!

Wallpaper - a touch of luxury for the wall!

Did you know that the idea of wallpaper originally came from the Orient? Long before the uncomplicated usable paper wallpaper was invented, magnificent tapestries adorned the luxurious chambers of 1001 nights. Later, embossed and partially gilded leather wallpaper was discovered in the Orient as a tried and tested method for effective wall embellishment. As early as 1425, the walls of Melk Monastery in Lower Austria were decorated with yellow and red parchment wallpaper. Later, hand-painted paper wallpaper from China became very popular in the princely residences of Europe. Even though wallpaper for all was still a few centuries away, this was the birth of the first paper wallpaper manufacturers in Europe. In the early days, wallpapers were still laboriously printed by hand and were only available to a few people. It was not until the invention of industrial fabric printing processes that wallpaper production became possible on a large scale and affordable for a larger circle of customers. Johann Christian Arnold founded the first large wallpaper printing works in Germany in Kassel in 1789. Then as now, the motifs were determined by taste and the current zeitgeist. Decorative motifs from flora and fauna were already trendy at that time. Would you like to know what wallpaper looks like today? Here you can learn more!

How wallpaper came into every living room

When it became possible to print paper in sheets individually, the colored paper industry got a lot to do. Those who had previously had their rooms designed by artists henceforth relied on this practical and versatile method of interior design. The first industrial wallpapers were usually 8.16 m long and 47 cm wide. Until well after the Second World War, wallpaper remained a luxury product in this country. However, it became fashionable at that time to imitate trendy wallpaper designs visually with stencils and rubber rollers. It was not until the time of the German Economic Miracle that the decorative wall coverings finally found their way into every home. As soon as washable and embossed wallpapers came on the market, this was a practical and clean alternative to white plastered walls, which also convinced traditionally thinking people. Nevertheless, it was still a long way to our today's high-tech wallpapers. However, floral patterns, stripes, geometric ornaments and playful children's wallpapers were already on the market back then. You are looking for a charming 3-D wallpaper in light blue for your maritime furnished guest room? Your bedroom should get a stylish jungle touch? In the trendy office or teenager room you want to conjure up New York flair? Thanks to innovative wallpaper technology, this and much more is very easy today!

At you can now find the whole range of wallpapers from different manufacturers to match your floor coverings and your home. Just click in!

Practical wall dresses with that certain something

A new dress or a chic outfit sometimes makes you all-round happy and definitely gives you more self-confidence and charisma. This is just as true for wallpapers. They give your rooms a new face and change the effect of the room. A striking wallpaper can contribute to more experimentation, courage and energy in everyday life! A discreet wallpaper pattern creates a feeling of security and comfort. Modern wallpapers are today

  • suitable for everyday use and uncomplicated
  • healthy for living
  • environmentally friendly.

Modern photo wallpapers have nothing more to do with your predecessors from the last century. The qualitatively particularly high-quality non-woven wall papers impress by digital printing techniques and outstanding colour brilliance. In the parkettkaiser online shop you will find a fascinating selection of attractive picture wallpapers that will let you dive into magical fantasy worlds: The questions: Caribbean or Baltic Sea beach? Paris, Madrid or London? you ask yourself from now on not in the travel agency, but with the choice of your wall embellishment. If your favourite destination changes, innovative wallpapers can be easily removed and replaced by new places of longing on the wall.

Attractive wallpaper doesn't have to cost a lot

Although wallpaper can still be a luxurious way to decorate walls, it has long been available at every price point. Inexpensive wall papers for the quick and effective wallpaper change in between can be found as well as high-quality materials with brilliant effects. It is finally a difference whether you would like to arrange your rarely used guest room in the basement friendly and inviting or look for an eye-catcher wallpaper for your exclusive trend boutique. At you can select according to price, style and material and thus always find the wall decoration that fits your planned budget and the living and furnishing style. Designer wallpapers with extravagant patterns, cheerful children's wallpapers and charming wallpaper decors after models from nature are just a click away. Maybe a strip in the hallway is enough to give your mini-apartment trendy flair. Maybe wallpaper the back of the closet as a room divider in the bedroom to create an inspiring home office under palm trees.

Fancy a change?

It's not for nothing that the proverbial change of scen ery is synonymous with change. Just as clothes make the man, wallpaper makes rooms a little more upscale. The multi-faceted range of different textures, materials, qualities and motifs sets no limits to your creative wall design. It's fun to discover rooms in a whole new way through wallpaper. Perhaps your home office will become a relaxed retreat with a maritime stripe wallpaper and matching accessories. Jungle flair for the bedroom, extravagant designs in the kitchen and retro ambience in the living room furnished with vintage furniture will certainly suit your walls! Maybe your way to the bathroom will become an inspiring walk in the woods in the future? At we will give you and your walls new ideas!

Retro is wallpaper cult

Maybe you still remember the trendy retro wallpapers of your childhood? Or grandma's floral wallpaper in the kitchen and bedroom? Good news: The designs of the 60s and 70s are back and floral wallpaper patterns are still around. The expressive and playful wallpapers harmonize perfectly with the puristic furniture of our days. Vintage and baroque wall papers provide the delightful mix of past, present and future. Geometric black-and-white patterns and imaginative ornaments bring extravagance and show effects not only in the show room! You are now really curious? Go on a wallpaper discovery trip to your youth!

You love Scandi-chic?

Scandinavian lightness and purism fit best to smooth walls? Modern wallpapers in restrained colours and discreet designs are the perfect background for the Scandinavian look. Geometric patterns and pastel shades go perfectly with Scandinavian design and modern interior design trends. Want to bring the whole world into your home? Photo wallpapers with world map are not only for the children's or youth room an instructive eye-catcher on the wall. Also in stylish offices and meeting rooms, attractive world map wallpapers provide talking points with eye-catcher guarantee.

Graffiti for the wall!

If you feel at home in the urban jungle, you should take a closer look at graffiti and concrete wallpapers! For stylish living spaces, lofts, cafés and boutiques in industrial style, you don't have to hire Banksy or go to work yourself. Cool graffiti or concrete wallpaper transforms ordinary spaces into urban culture hot spots. Don't believe it? Click on graffiti or concrete 3-D in photo wallpapers. With these decors you feel at home in the middle, exactly where the bear rages! With the right wallpapers you enjoy as a country dweller the pulsating charm of the city and as a city dweller natural flair and quiet ambience as in the country villa in the middle of nature.

Colour for your walls

A new wall colour changes everything. A room becomes larger, cosier, more cheerful, more optimistic or more businesslike. Just as you wish! Wallpapers in trendy colours are a good way to bring your favourite colour to the wall in an uncomplicated way. Plain wallpaper is a clean thing and can sometimes be easily painted over later if a new colour suits your lifestyle better. In hallways and high-traffic rooms, look for wallpaper with a vinyl coating. These are more durable and can withstand scratches and bumps without complaint. Who would like to realize his wallpaper dream in the bathroom, should pay attention to damp room suitability. Simply pre-select and ask our parkettkaiser wallpaper experts if necessary. We know where which wallpaper works best and what you should consider. Just give us a call.

Children are real wallpaper lovers

Children love wallpaper! You probably remember yourself, the fantasies you developed in your own nursery or in mum's bedroom from the wallpaper pattern. Sometimes it was even scary, Modern children's room wallpaper is cheerfully colorful and leaves a lot to the imagination. Surely you will find an age-appropriate wallpaper for your little darling. What do you think of the children's wallpaper with the integrated measuring rod?

After the theory comes the practice!

Wallpapering is easier today than in grandpa's time. With modern non-woven wallpaper, you can usually save the wallpapering table and put the paste directly on the wall. With strongly patterned motive wallpapers you should consider the waste and plan a role more. The particular approach, doors, windows, corners and edges also play a role when wallpapering. Check out our tutorials and blogs on wallpapering or just ask our experts. We know wallpaper and we know what matters!

Now it's your turn!

Who has the choice, has the agony! We know that well enough ourselves. If in doubt, you can always request a wallpaper sample to convince yourself of the quality and colour of your new wallpaper. That sounds good? We wish you a lot of fun with your choice of wallpaper and are happy to support you with any kind of questions! Your parkettkaiser living team!

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