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SCHÖNER WOHNEN-Collection is known for picking up current living trends and developing interesting furnishing ideas from them. The floor is literally the basis of every interior design. The SCHÖNER WOHNEN collection picks up on the cork trend and has developed two exciting series: pure cork floors and design floors that contain cork.

The SCHÖNER WOHNEN cork flooring collection

This large collection of floor coverings includes numerous colour, decor and surface variations. What they all have in common are the warm, soft colours. The surfaces are designed either in the typical cork, wood or stone look. The appearance ranges from filigree to rustic. Another special feature are the cork floors in pastel shades. They make the rooms airier and brighter.

The SCHÖNER WOHNEN collection of design floors

The design floors are offered in two versions: "Aqua Komfort" and "Design Natural". As the name suggests, the "Aqua Komfort" series is waterproof. These floors consist of a waterproof cork core, which is surrounded at the top and bottom by a robust vinyl layer. Therefore the floors are also suitable for wet rooms. The series "Design Natural" has a core of HDF board (high density fiberboard). There is a layer of cork on the underside of this board and a layer of vinyl on the upper side. These floors are not waterproof and therefore not intended for installation in damp rooms.

SCHÖNER WOHNEN collection floors for more comfort

The numerous small cork cells absorb the sound very well. This is why both the cork floors and the design floors are extremely quiet without additional footfall sound insulation. Cork cells not only insulate sound, but also heat. This is why these floor coverings are always pleasantly warm. Since cork cells are also elastic and return to their original shape after being compressed, there are no permanent impressions on these floors.

The SCHÖNER WOHNEN flooring collection is good for your health

These elastic floor coverings are easy on the joints of the residents. When laid in children's rooms, they have the advantage that smaller falls are cushioned. These floors are manufactured without PCP, PVC or softeners. There are therefore no harmful vapours.

The SCHÖNER WOHNEN collection floors are sustainable

The SCHÖNER WOHNEN collection of floor coverings consists entirely (cork floors) or for the most part (design floors) of natural, renewable materials. Cork is extracted from the bark of the cork oak. No cork oak has to be felled. The bark can be partially peeled off without harming the tree. It grows back in the course of several years. The cork oak stores much more CO2 than without peeling. The HDF boards are pressed from wood residues.

Properties of the SCHÖNER WOHNEN collection floors at a glance

  • Dimensions cork floor (length x width): 905 mm x 295 mm
  • Dimensions design shelf (length x width): 1,220 mm x 185 mm
  • Thickness of the floor covering: 10,5 mm
  • Weight: 8 kg/m²
  • Installation type: floating, without glue
  • robust and durable
  • Warranty period for use in the living area: 10 years
  • Warranty period for laying in commercial areas: 5 years
  • Service classes: NK 32, NK 31
  • the floors can be laid over hot water underfloor heating systems
  • Thermal resistance: maximum 0,15 m² K/W
  • quiet
  • Impact sound insulation: 16 - 18 dB
  • elastic
  • easy to clean
  • no visible changes due to chair roller test
  • no permanent changes due to displacement of furniture feet

You should avoid this when caring for the SCHÖNER WOHNEN floor collection

The floors are easy to maintain. But to enjoy them for a long time, you should avoid the following things:

  • the use of solvents, wax or chemical products
  • the use of wire brushes
  • the use of scouring milk
  • the use of industrial cleaning machines, which have an intensive water consumption
  • the use of cleaning agents containing solvents such as acetone
  • The laying out of mats with rubber or latex backing. These leave discoloration on the floor.