Meister Nadura floor

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Meister Nadura - the perfect floor covering for every requirement

Nadura by MEISTER is warm like real wood, stable like tiles and easy to clean like linoleum. This makes Nadura the perfect floor covering for every requirement.

MEISTER Nadura, the innovation in floor coverings

With Nadura, the MEISTER company is launching floor coverings in a completely new quality on the market. Nadura Boden is:

  • more stable
  • warmer
  • more convenient

than previously known floors.

Like Lindura, the flooring is produced with Wood Powder Technology, an innovation from MEISTER.

What is Wood Powder?
Wood Powder consists of a mixture of wood fibres, to which mineral additives and natural additives are added. The mixture is pressed under high pressure,
resulting in MEISTER NB 400, an extremely durable, robust and attractive floor covering

The name says it all

The name Nadura is based on the English words "nature" for nature and "durable" for durable, resulting in a floor covering made of natural, mineral materials. Nadura is very durable.

Like all MEISTER floor coverings, Nadura flooring also carries the "Blue Angel" eco-label, which is considered one of the most demanding environmental certificates.
During testing, the product is evaluated with regard to its entire life cycle.

Nadura von Meister passes the endurance test

1.Severe exposure to children's toys, pointed heels or objects falling to the ground. MEISTER Nadura NB 400 doesn't let on anything.
2. The addition of minerals to the innovative Wood Powder makes the flooring extremely robust.
3. Red wine or coffee stains can permanently discolour ceramic tiles, but the Nadura covering remains unaffected and is easy to wipe off.
4. Wipe away the stains and the flooring is as good as new.

Master Nadura NB 400, Nadura is a floor covering for the modern home

When you buy Nadura floor, you don't have to choose between

  • high durability,
  • long shelf life,
  • easy maintenance
  • stylish look


You get everything at once. The floor covering has a great look and Nadura fits perfectly into modern home furnishings. He is pleasantly warm to the feet.
Choose exclusive floor coverings in 18 different stone and concrete replicas from the extensive Nadura range.

You will receive Master NB 400 in:

  • pale sandstone
  • warm grey concrete
  • Slate anthracite
  • Metallic rost (metal imitations)
  • and other exclusive variants.

Nadura floor dealers offer the article in maxi tile format (85.3 x 39.5 cm) to match the current living trend.

To recap what is important:
  • Through innovative wood powder - extremely robust
  • Blue Angel awarded
  • Nadura is warm like a wooden floor - pleasantly warm to the feet
  • Consists of wood fibres and mineral components
  • Can be cleaned very easily
Convincing care and installation properties

The Nadura floor experience confirms the user-friendliness. MEISTER Nadura NB 400 can be laid in no time at all.
It is installed floating or fully bonded. The floor covering can be excellently combined with hot water underfloor heating systems.

Master Nadura is special:

  • abrasion-resistant
  • Scratchproof
  • Stain resistant - i.e. no dents or scratches

Even under heavy continuous stress, for example from chair castors, no permanent changes occur.
The Nadura experience of customers confirms that MEISTER NB 400 is even suitable for office use.

Nadura from MEISTER is available exclusively from specialist dealers.