Cotton carpet hand woven ART DECO pattern turquoise on white background height 7 mm

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Cotton carpet ART DECO White / Turquoise Colour: Turquoise / White Shape: rectangular Manufacture: hand-woven Pile / textile fibre used: 100% cotton Backing material: Without back
More Information
Cotton Carpet Hand-woven ART DECO pattern Turquoise on white background is a symbol of elegance
The design of the carpet moves between the tendril forms of Art Nouveau and impressions of futuristic zeitgeist. The integrated geometric pattern leaves a rich as well as expressive look. White incorporated lines create a distinctly ornametal design in the overall picture. This makes the accessory a wonderful addition to the Art Déco style of living. The French style is known for streamlined influences. Whether smooth, clear, asymmetrical or curvy contrasts, Art Déco inevitably gives objects a luxurious touch. The preference for precious things is also clearly visible in the hand-woven cotton carpet ART DECO pattern turquoise on a white background. Something for the eye and the senses. Automatically, the viewer feels automatically captivated by this piece of jewellery. Skaben knows his craft and has created a dazzling and creative creation with this article. Thanks to this ingenious design, nobody needs to feel queasy anymore when furnishing their own four walls. Especially since the product features make you sit up and take notice.
  • The inventory is hand-woven
  • The manufacturer used 100 % cotton for the knotting
  • The rectangular carpet has no back
  • The side edges are provided with an additional, hardly noticeable warp border, so that the material does not fray
The opulent accessory is bursting with style and class
. Few of us would want to do without the notorious luxurious touch. This is why Art Déco is considered by the general public to be the hottest living trend. This hand-woven cotton carpet also skilfully picks up on this theme. His outer appearance alone convinces with the ravishing glamour factor of the Golden Twenties. The partially curved structure combined with the contrasting turquoise appears slightly playful yet incredibly tasteful. One is quickly infected by the Golden Twenties Fever with this product. All the more so as this inspiration goes well with other decorative elements from this era. Clear the stage for imaginative and whimsical living worlds. If you don't apply it too thickly, you can even use this stylistic device to create a forward-looking style. Handmade design elements in particular are considered an ideal treasure trove for the realization of Art Deco style. The successful mix of glamorous and discreet is especially appreciated by the fans. Even because of its easy-care handling, this specimen is always in the focus of consumers. If crumbs fall to the ground, the surface can be treated accordingly with a vacuum cleaner. If juice or coffee drips onto the carpet, hands need not be slapped helplessly over the head. Such stains can be removed quite well with warm water. It is best to check the manufacturer's care instructions before cleaning.
Brand Skaben
Height (mm) 7,00
Quality A1 sorting
Pole material 100% cotton
Manufacturing Hand woven
Pole weight approx. 1600 g/sqm
Deliverty time
2-3 Tage