Vinyl floor retro design

Vinyl flooring Retro for individualists and everyone

As different as the tastes, as different the many styles. The Retro vinyl floor is ideal for those who have a penchant for unusual home décor and want a matching floor

The floor is not only matched by corresponding vintage or retro furniture, because the style mix has become popular as well. This means that it is modern to combine various styles in any way you like

Furniture lovers can really live out their fantasies in this respect. A special floor such as the Retro vinyl floor provides an impressive appearance. No matter which furniture and decoration are now combined with this floor.

Everything just looks great. That's how it is, if the basis is right, then the choice of details is even easier and they can also make an impression

If you want, you can also order free samples. These patterns are then simply pinned to furniture and predominant colours at home. Then carpet lovers can decide which model they would like to have.

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    • Noises are reduced
    • Can be laid in one piece
    • Model Retro
    • Also well suited for families
    Vinyl floor Retro - A floor with expressiveness

    Every apartment that is entered has a certain expressive value. There is always some kind of feeling, whether consciously or unconsciously. Anyone who encounters the vinyl floor in the retro version when entering an apartment or room is guaranteed to attract positive attention. This design is both attractive and pleasant for the eyes

    In addition, it turns a conventional room into a real home, which corresponds to the individual taste. This is then also noticeable to the visitors and they feel that a person with demands lives here. Standard flats and floors are now a thing of the past

    Long live individuality and the wonderful opportunity to express it. Decorative classics such as white roses or plaster sculptures also look particularly pretty on such an outstanding floor. With this floor, not only the individualists themselves will feel completely comfortable in their rooms, but also the visitor will be enormously impressed by so much charm and recognition value.