Skaben photo wallpaper Stone - stone optics photo wallpaper - stones motif and wall stone pattern

With a stone-look photo wallpaper, the industrial style can be cleverly perfected

Do you want to raise the decorative potential of your interior design to a new level? The aged rental property should radiate more freshness and modernity? Wonderful approaches to give way to an elegant home decor. An interior design trend that clearly shows the red card to superfluous frills. Instead, it concentrates on the essentials and thus creates an extraordinary character in the room. Anyone who furnishes in a minimalist style will do well even with simple stylistic elements. But simple doesn't automatically mean boring or stale. Let's take the photo wallpaper in stone motif. Not every stone looks the same. It also always depends on the viewing angle and how the natural walls are depicted. One thing we can anticipate at this point, all image details entice with exciting effects. Basically, a natural stone wall exudes a special flair. The colour components also have a great influence on the overall appearance. White stones with green planting, for example, are reminiscent of holiday destinations in the South Seas. You can get this rustic charm with the photo wallpaper stone optics directly to your living room.

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Faceless rooms are suddenly transformed into eye-catchers

If you use the photo wallpaper stone optics dosed, then the wall decoration will be noticed immediately. Thanks to the razor-sharp image quality, the murals look incredibly authentic. Especially the famous stone men are considered a real eye-catcher. The outstanding wallpaper art radiates a lot of peace. An ideal design element to create a cozy living environment. The warm colors are combinable and fit all furnishing ideas. Even the smallest niche you can embellish with the hanger presentable. The before and after effect will literally blow you away.

The result after wallpapering speaks volumes

The all-rounder is preferred as a wall covering in damp and stressed environments due to its robust appearance. Whether in the kitchen, bathroom or hallway, the top-class wallpaper is suitable for many applications. Above all the practical handling distinguishes the top product particularly. Even when wallpapering, the arrangement is completely uncomplicated. Special equipment is not necessary for the fixation of the wallpaper. Measuring tape, pencil, spirit level, cutter knife and paste brush are enough to do the job. After measuring the room dimensions, cut the strips to size. Once you have prepared the glue ready for use, paint the desired areas with paste. Afterwards you apply the photo wallpaper. If the work is done, then let the newly created scenery work on you. Even from a short distance you can see a deceptively real brick pattern. Precision at its best, which is also reflected in the product characteristics.

  • The wall is always spread evenly with paste and then the wallpaper is pressed in the dry and cut to size on the desired surface
  • Due to the dimensionally stable nature of the material neither blisters nor wrinkles
  • Odourless and lightfast colours are used in the production process
  • The resistant surface can be wiped clean with a damp cloth without hesitation if it gets dirty
  • If you have to move house, you can remove the wall decoration dry and without leaving any residue