Skaben Flowers Wallpaper - Flowers Wallpaper - Romantic Wallpaper with Fascinating Floral Designs

With the flower mural you will create a fantastic ambience full of light and friendliness

Your own four walls should always have a positive aura and be particularly distinguished by a touch of naturalness. Especially if you are one of those people who open their hearts to mountains, trees, plants and animals. After all, we come from nature and we live with nature. In the green our soul comes to rest and we draw new strength from the environment to successfully master our everyday challenges. If walks in the forest or in the park are not enough for you, you can continue to live out your closeness to nature in your home refuge. Don't worry, you don't have to spread soil in your living room and grow flower beds because of it. You can bring the bright blooms into your home in a different way. Wall decorations in the form of floral motifs promise more cheerfulness and at the same time create a lively room atmosphere. The colourful or subtle shades create an enchanting background. Especially bright and simple interior concepts get more charm and glamour through the fascinating floral decorations.

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Photo wallpaper flowers is an epitome of romance, love and strength

Whether in the living room, bedroom, dining room or hallway, the photo wallpaper flowers takes great influence on the room effect. Interior trends such as Nordic style or country house particularly like to decorate with blooming buds, bright flower meadows or lush bouquets. Even blossoming dandelions and magnificent hydrangeas convey a feeling of carefree lightness and a great deal of elegance. Without a doubt, the successful imitation embodies the rural. Simply makes you want to beautify bare walls with the irresistible design wall. Also because of the intensive colorfulness photo non-woven wallpapers are very high in the course. A great importance is attributed to the roses. The dreamlike rose splendour in old pink, Bordeaux red or burgundy makes the hearts beat faster automatically. Who decides for a rose wallpaper, which serves the highly topical and ultramodern retro style and releases at the same time enormous astonishment.

The trendsetters are just waiting to be discovered by you

In terms of processing, the article trumps with an outstanding quality. New standards are not only revealed in the material composition, but also in the printing. The environmentally friendly printed product impresses with its exceptional sharpness. There are neither solvents nor pollutants in the wallpaper. Consequently, the wall decor is odorless and skin-friendly. Thanks to the latest printing technology, the image details look very authentic. There is still another advantage which we would not like to withhold from you. The high-quality wallpaper can be processed well without much effort. Without soaking time you stick the strips step by step on the wall. In the following section, you can learn more interesting facts about the magnificent all-rounder.

  • The exclusive decorative highlight impresses with colour fastness and UV resistance
  • The hanger Made in Germany is free of glass fibres and therefore skin-friendly as well as odourless
  • The Skaben non-woven wallpapers are neither soaked nor pasted before wallpapering
  • When wet, the material does not expand at all, the dimensionally stable nature always guarantees a high quality
  • Due to the high tear resistance a simple processing of the material is possible