Skaben Forest Wallpaper - Forest and Nature Wallpaper

With these stunning wallpapers you are not on the wrong track

Sometimes you can't see the forest for the trees when it comes to decorating your living spaces with decorative style pieces. With the multitude of wall murals, it is already difficult to keep track. But there are design elements that give the interiors that certain something. Do you love nature? Do you often go for walks? Maybe the photo wallpaper forest would be an option for you? Especially in this category there are quite extraordinary eye-catchers to marvel at. The image details are even presented so effectively that they almost create a mystical atmosphere. With the natural eye-catchers you make bare walls clearly the linchpin. The clear commitment to nature pays off. You create a living space that is bursting with power and lets you forget all your everyday worries for a while. You won't even notice the lines of cars that constantly roll through the city, the dusty and noisy construction sites, or the trams that roar past. Instead, take a break from the din of the modern world in your idyllic retreat and let the gentle greenery of the forest cast its spell over you.

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Just the sight of a natural environment works wonders

Green meadows, bright sunlight or a forest floor with lots of leaves already helps with the deceleration process. Lets smartphone, tablet and Co. move for a few moments in the background. You will even be inspired by washed-out contours of the trees in the morning mist. This unique setting encourages you to enjoy the silence and truly be one with flora and fauna. Moreover, this little escape from the daily grind is not only suitable for private spaces. These unusual wall motifs can be just as enriching in public buildings. In a practice, for example, it is sometimes quite turbulent. The accent wall loves to take over the main role as a calming pole. Especially in meditation rooms, treatment rooms or waiting areas, the design walls promise a pleasant atmosphere.

A quick makeover is feasible

Is spontaneity an integral part of your life? Do you like it when projects are not put on the back burner? Great, then you have found a partner at eye level. The photo wallpaper forest reveals an uncomplicated handling. You do not have to soak the wallpaper strips for hours, nor bring separate tools for processing. The non-woven wallpaper is inserted into the brushed paste bed and pressed with a wallpaper brush in dry condition. Especially for beginners in the field of painting, this all-rounder is a major asset. Enclosed we provide you with other important technical data.

  • The photo wallpaper forest is extremely robust, therefore there are no folds, bubbles or tears
  • A formula of long-fibre special materials, textile fibres and binders is used in the manufacture of the article
  • The product is free of glass fibres, softeners and solvents, therefore it is well tolerated by the skin
  • Certifications such as FSC-Mix and RAL-GZ 479 guarantee that the product is manufactured in an environmentally friendly and resource-saving way
  • Special effects and brilliant printing technology make the motif even more realistic