Skaben non-woven wallpaper Jungle - jungle wallpaper / palm wallpaper

The filigree palm decor makes living more liveable

There are smaller palm plants and larger versions that elicit an astonished AHA from every observer. The scaly trunks and imposing fronds are considered a typical trademark and are the epitome of South Seas dreams and holiday feeling. The noble plants stretch almost majestically into the sky. If you can't get enough of these botanical specimens, you can bring these style icons under your roof. A great staging would be a palm wallpaper or jungle wallpaper. The renowned brand manufacturer SKABEN ensures with these eye-catchers that a breathtaking jungle look is soon created in the living room at home without much effort. The wall decoration comes with a very modern appearance around the corner. The wallpaper design does not seem obtrusive or even overloaded. Instead, the depicted fronds float around like breathed palm leaves. This creation is available for purchase in the different shades. Whether in green, grey, brown or cream, the products appeal to a wide audience. Without a doubt, the chic wall outfits add an exciting stylish touch to any space.

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Considered very varied

Those who are after a refreshing ambience will find their master in the decorative templates. Palm wallpaper as well as jungle wallpaper are considered true all-rounders. Do you want a room in colonial style? Great, then the tropical plants should not shine with absence. Playfully easy the interpretation reflects influences from Africa, Asia, South America as well as the Pacific. Not only real interior experts trust in the stylistic device. Also people who feel the longing for the wanderlust build on the palm wallpaper or jungle wallpaper. But not only the colonial style relies on these design elements. Even trendy living worlds such as shabby chic, art deco, Nordic style or Bauhaus can be perfected with the picture cutouts. In the same breath, the versatile wallpapers bring out a lot of amazing skills.

  • The high-quality style icons have a good light resistance
  • Each FSC-certified wallpaper is manufactured in the spirit of sustainability and environmental friendliness
  • Is applied to clean, dry, smooth, solid and absorbent surfaces
  • The article is made of tear-resistant and dimensionally stable material
  • A roll of wallpaper is 53 cm wide and 10.05 cm long, therefore 5.327 m² can be covered with the measurements

The universal impulses can be processed outstandingly

If you have removed the wall surfaces from the old wallpaper, then the time would have come to think about treatment with a primer. The next step on the agenda is the mixing of the paste. When mixing and processing the material, please follow the manufacturer's instructions. You will find these directly on the packaging. The wall is then coated with the paste. Use a wallpaper brush to press the material onto the wall. Always proceed from the middle to the outer edges. You now carry out this activity strip by strip. Excess wallpaper you simply cut off with a cutter knife. As a final remark, we would like to mention that it is an environmentally friendly and sustainable top product.