Skaben photo wallpaper Wellness - Wellness photo wallpaper Buddha / Hot Stone

Brings back a piece of hope

A room design says a lot about the motivation and personality of the occupants. Be it residential or commercial, there is no difference. In most cases, the modern and functional style of living comes into focus. Sufficient brightness and comfortable seating play an overriding role. But also the wall decoration as well as the floor design take a high value in the planning. Architects, builders and amateur do-it-yourselfers like to make use of new publications and expressive stylistic elements in their projects. This category includes, for example, the photo wallpaper wellness. This extraordinary wall decoration has an enormous influence on the general well-being. The gentle stimulator will not only give the interior a new look, but also provide a particularly harmonious atmosphere. Especially in therapy facilities, hospitals, spa clinics or nursing homes, the photo wallpaper wellness has a positive effect potential. Influences the senses consciously or unconsciously in a pleasant way. Treatment rooms as well as therapy rooms are perceived by the patients completely differently. The friendly and beautiful work of art symbolizes strength and confidence.

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An effective tasty anti-stress tip

Let's not kid ourselves, the modern and connected world demands a lot from us humans. Constantly delivering the highest possible performance, always being reachable, and on top of that, apps that monitor our sleep rhythm? At some point, body, mind and soul cry out for relaxation. The best place to relax is within our own four walls. Especially if the floor plan even has a little temple of well-being. Perhaps a small reading corner, which is equipped with exciting reading material up to the ceiling. Combined with a quaint armchair that invites you to linger. Complemented by the wall-filling Buddha wallpaper from Skaben and already the well-being rises to a higher level. Not everyone is able to create a fireplace room. It does not have to be, because even a tidy room with an attractive wall covering can work wonders. The photo wallpaper wellness aims solely at creating a coherent room feeling. In the process, the high performer reveals amazing product properties.

  • Long-fibre special materials, textile fibres and binding agents are used in the manufacture of non-woven wallpaper
  • The use of softeners, solvents and phthalates is generally avoided
  • The trendsetter shows a good skin compatibility because no glass fibre is contained in the material
  • If a renovation stands in the house, then the wallpaper can be removed again completely and dry from the wall
  • Thanks to the excellent dimensional stability, the material tears neither at edges nor at corners

With the photo wallpaper wellness the wallpapering goes easily from the hand

To attach the artistic template, you best resort to the Skaben non-woven wallpaper paste wallpaper glue non-woven glue. You can order the glue here with us right away. You fill the package contents in a clean bucket and add cold water. Constant stirring is the be-all and end-all, so that the paste does not clump. You can start wallpapering after just 5 minutes. The wall surfaces are pasted and then the dry wallpaper strips are pressed firmly into the desired position. With a wallpaper brush, the work goes easily by hand. Basically, you meet an article that can be processed optimally and also trumps over the years with a first-class quality.