Impact sound insulation Underlay

Impact sound insulation - decisive for relaxed living

Impact sound insulation is becoming more and more important since floating floor coverings such as vinyl, laminate and parquet are becoming increasingly popular. In new buildings it is mandatory, in old buildings it should be installed at the latest when the floor is next renovated.

Why is impact sound and walking noise a problem with floating floors?
These floors always bounce a little and thus act as a resonating body for the sound. The impact sound is amplified and transmitted to the screed. This can cause considerable noise nuisance for the neighbours or any tenants living below you. If these complain, you can be obliged to provide remedy.

As a rule, you will then have to remove the floor first in order to install appropriate acoustic insulation. As pleasant as vinyl, laminate and parquet floors are otherwise, you need to think about the room acoustics in advance. This is much cheaper and less stressful than a subsequent correction.

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